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Thank you, Jay!

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Jojo and I fished the river from 1pm to midnight. We landed one-and-a-half Muskies in UN4 and 5. Both were small fish caught bottom bouncing a Perchbait. The sandwiches Joe brought were amazing and his bad boy homemade cookies were even better. Chalk up another minimally successful, awesome trip with one of the planet's truly great guys. Alla bala bala.

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Any info on water clarity for this week??

Frank S

Frank...I took a walk down by the International RR bridge this morning & the River was light brown, viz about 6".  Out in L Erie, the whole lake is brown looking over Myers Reef down towards the windmills.  That'll eventually be making its way down the river.  I'll keep an eye on it since I see it everyday. 

Thanks John.. Mike Crehan and I will be out on Wednesday fishing the harbor, south gap.  Winds are in the forecast but not as bad as last week. Larry Jones is out today and I hope to get a report from him.

Frank...I had the chance to go by the SBH today.  There were three trailers in the lot & I saw one boat in the water.  Water was much better than yesterday but still was a cloudy brown.  There was one boat way out in the lake near Meyers Reef (perch fishing?), so the water gets better everyday.  Wed is supposed to be windy but with a South wind so it shouldn't be bad near the S Gap.

If you're launching from SBH, there is only one dock in the water, near the restaurant. 

What does a murky harbor mean for floating junk? 

Riley...usually after a heavy rain there will be a lot of floating junk.  It's been a few days since we had those 60 mph winds &, from what I see, most of the junk out there was blown up on shore, onto Rte 5 & the roof of Hoaks.  Hamburg Beach is a mess.  Can't even see the sand because of all the wood.  When I looked in the River & lake, I didn't see much junk floating but the H2O was brown.  Whenever there's a big blow, the sand & mud will get stirred up from the bottom.  It's the rains that bring on the junk mainly from the tribs (like Smokes Crk & 18 mi.) & a few smaller ones.

I was off 18 mi a few years ago the day after a heavy rain & there was a wooden crate & a cottonwood tree floating out there, but that was in the lake.  Take it EZ & you shouldn't have any probs.

Larry was supposed to be there today.  maybe he'll post a report.  The lake & harbor looked fishable today.

I did not go out today, decided to wait until Wednesday, see you out there Frank.

For Wednesday, is forecasting winds in the Bflo area to be SE at 25 mph gusting to 37 by 8:00 am & steadily increasing throughout the day to gusts over 50 by 5:00 p.m.

Well then, it should be very interesting out there to say the least.
Watch out for wood. Big wood sucks. Submerged big wood is even worse. I hate wood. Rocks don't grow and they don't move.

Maybe Ill have to break my boat in on chatauqua.

Riley, They may get a bit of snow down in the higher elevations by Chautauqua this weekend

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