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Thank you, Jay!

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Jojo and I fished tonight from 7:15 to 11:30.  We pulled in UN3, 2 and 13 using Believers, D-Raiders and DKs mostly.  Despite our brilliant spread we managed to catch nothing but a plastic bag and an Emerald Shiner.  The shiner crushed a Believer in front of Strawberry and ripped out zero drag, while only marginally altering the lures action. This was our excitement for the evening which was extremely disappointing.  Speaking of Emerald Shiners and disappointing, the Black Rock Canal once the Mecca for the little buggers in the river, is almost devoid of them now, except for the shallows near the Army Corps of Engineers. Off until Sunday.  Best of luck out there.

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The lack of bait in that river is astonishing to say the least. 1 on and off right after sunset and that was it for us. Fished 5 until midnight. Kyle johnston released a 50x25 around 7pm so atleast some one had action. 3rd 50 I've heard of this week. Not many fish around but they are tanks.
I was out yesterday, didn’t see many shiners but saw a ton of Shad. Around dusk and right about dark they were breaking the surface all around me. Could have been Rudd I suppose, but these were big, and I had been seeing Shad on the sonar all day.
How was fishing during the day Sean?
The mouth of the black rock Was package with bait last night

UN1 is packed with shiner's all the way through and I got 3 fish today... 

Sounded like a good day. I see Hans got 5 today with another River 50. So great to see all these fish finally grown up. 8th 50 I know of since October. Crazy for the Niagara.
Here's the secret to musky fishing on the Niagara. If I fish in the day, fish at night. If I fish at night, fish in the day.
Stick to these guidelines and your hours per fish will crash like it's October 29th, 1929.
Lmao. My work schedule left me nocturnal for the 2 days I was home. That clear water looked real "jiggy" but I was pretty confident we'd troll up a tank like usual. Cant win em all.
John, I don't want to win them all. Just one once and a while would be nice.

Mike and I went zero for  5 hours in the harbor on Thursday. Saw only 2 hooks and very few shad.  But we did see the tow boat bring in a 19' ranger.  A guy fished from Point Abino Wednesday, wind shifted to NW, boat swamped, bilge quit, he washed up on shore near Lackawanna. He had to get a phone and call home to have a friend bring his truck and trailer to the harbor, then find a place to sleep.  20 year old ranger destroyed with multiple hull cracks and holes.  His year old 200HP Merc survived, as did his two anchor poles. Lesson to be learned is if you have an older boat, check and/or update the bilge.  Also, a bass boat in rough waters may not be the way to go.  I wonder how he fared at the peace bridge on the way home. Mike and I got no fish but his boat kept us dry.

I tried casting Huntley, and jigging while I was out from 1-5 Wednesday. Tried casting strawberry humps, and after striking out looking for big ones, I decided I needed a base hit, and got a little guy from the shallows right before dusk. Maybe a 40, but smaller head and didn’t bother to bump it. Was just glad I could bet my last 20 min before dark like that and connect with one. Feels good to guess right every once in a while.

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