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Thank you, Jay!

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"I dropped a (expletive deleted) M&M," broke the silence at the halfway point of Bruce and my fishing trip this evening.  Bruce frantically (kind of) tried to find the missing treat as we trolled fruitlessly in the dark.

"What color was it," I questioned.

"Brown," said Bruce, obviously perturbed.

"Did you find it?"


This mishap mirrors our trip tonight.  We didn't find a single willing musky.  Bruce, who is turning into a pessimist as the season draws to close, wasn't at all shocked.

"We're catching one tomorrow," I proclaimed. 

'Sure we are," said Bruce, his words dripping with sarcasm.

"I'll bet you," I confidently stated.

"What," Bruce asked.

After some thought I said, "a Big Dirty."

A Big Dirty, as I've mentioned in previous forum posts, is a large double cheese, double pepperoni, extra sauce, well done pizza from Bocce's.  This equates to a $45 bet with bleu cheese and tip. We've bet Big Dirtys on fishing outcomes before. I've never won.

"Done," Bruce confidently quipped. 

We then hashed over the rules.  A legitimate rip lowers the bet to a half a BIG Dirty provided no other muskies are contacted and landed.  Visual verification of a musky on a line counts as a catch.  Bruce said he'd throw in thirty birds from Swannie should we land a 50-incher.

We fished from 4 to 9, and we trolled in UN2, 3 and 13. Once the wind calmed down it was very nice out there.

By the way, we found the M&M putting the boat to sleep.  Maybe we can find a musky tomorrow?   I don't have much hope of winning the wings, though.

Happy Thanksgiving,  Team!

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Today is your day Scott!

Jay, you were absolutely correct with your statement. Scott caught a tank.

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