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Thank you, Jay!

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Today started off as any other ordinary November day.  Meaning, it was super cold (I had 3-5 layers on, and was still freezing!!!)  And we were twiddling our thumbs trolling, hoping for a fish.  In all honesty I expected to catch a fish today, I was thinking about a nice 42” musky on my new favorite lure.  I received what may be the best gift ever this week.  A very close friend was amazing enough to have a Believer custom painted in NY State Trooper colors for me.  It is called the “Super Trooper” and it is a gorgeous lure.  Now if anyone has read my previous posts you will know that my Dad just didn’t “get” fishing.  He must have told me 100 times that he didn’t “get” fishing.  He simply could not understand why I would spend hours fishing to let the fish go.  In his next breath he would tell me how he showed my fish picture to all the guys he knew who fished.  He was so proud of my fish even if he didn’t understand why I did it.  Sooooo….. back to today.  Scott and I pounded the heck out of UN 4 running a 3 lure spread.  Finally Scott declared that he was throwing a 4th lure out and it was mine (as it was on my side.)  So he threw a 13” Grandma out on my side.  As we were discussing the possibility of my 47” being knocked out of the top 10, my outside rod (the Grandma) went screaming!  After a short, and brutal fight (on my part, boy that fish was strong!) I landed what is my biggest Musky to date (and my 1st 50!!!!!)  A gorgeous, and often lazy (I think, just look at her belly from lazing on the bottom!) 52”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have never been so calm during the release process, I even yelled at Scott to calm down.  While I held the fish I seriously thought I may be in danger of going into cardiac arrest.  My heart was going a million miles an hour.  After we released the fish I was a sloppy slobbering mess.  The first thing I said to Scott was “we need to go, can we go home now?”  What?!?! Who thinks like that? ME!!! I was so silly, psycho, happy, crazy, happy, can’t believe it!!!!!  I owe a lot to a lot of people who made that fish happen, see one of Scott’s articles on the million things that have to happen to catch a fish, let alone THE fish.  I will just start with my P.I.T.A. boss who switched my schedule at the last minute so I would have off today.  (Which I was previously mad about, lol!)  To myself, who wanted to go back to bed today, but as Scott so eloquently put it “you have all winter to sleep.”  To Scott who decided to throw another lure out for me.  And also to me for choosing to go all the way down to the bridge and back instead of just going back upstream.  Sometimes it is definitely better to be lucky than good.  Here she is!!!!!

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Thanks guys!!!!! I'm still smiling :)  Scott says it wasn't that cold, then again he has a float suit!!!  I still can't believe it, so happy right now!!!

Big congrats, Carrie...such a beautiful fish!

Oh yeah!  That rules!   Congratulations Carrie.  (You know..... those freakin musky gods.  They really do pay attention sometimes ;)

Awwww!!! Thanks guys!!!! I seriously blush every time I read a comment, it is so special to me that I caught a fish so amazing!!!!!!  I seriously still can't believe it!!!! @Dave- I hope so!!! (fingers crossed!) @Josh- I don't think I will be cursing the Musky gods for a long time now lol!!! (I think I may owe them one at this point!)

carrie, congrads on a super fish!!! A great stretch of water. In 2005 I had a day off that I wasn't supposed to have and shot my 2nd largest buck ever, 200 lb.+. Happy Thanksgiving ! AL.

That is a monster fish!! Congratulations!!

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