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Thank you, Jay!

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Carrie was on the phone with her wonderful, younger sister, Kelsey, when my rod fired. "I'll call you right back," big sis said to little sis.

The jointed Musky Candy in orange belly perch was back 40-feet when it was smacked.  After grabbing my Whisker Seeker rod from my Folbe rod holder (shameless plugs.) I felt a series of really solid and wide head shakes.  The fish was also staying down.  Always a good sign.

The story is getting a little more  interesting now, right?  Don't get too excited.

In the dark muskies always feel bigger to me than they actually are.  Unfortunately, this was one of those cases.

After a brief tussle Carrie brilliantly netted the musky.  After a quick picture we taped her (probably him) at 45-inches.  The wide and defined head shakes threw me.  I thought I might have something a bit larger on, but he (not she) was a spirited fish and I was happy.  A strike is a strike.

It was a great night out.  Not too cold.  The northwest wind was negligible.  Catching muskies is really fun.

We trolled from 5:30 to 9:30 in UN2 and 3.  The water temperatures were 39 in the canal, 42 in the west side and 41-ish in the east.  The clarity was about three feet.

Once I set the fish in the water he immediately meandered with a purpose back home.  Before I could take my soaked Simms (additional shameless plug)  fingerless gloves off, Carrie had her sister back on the blower. "Oh, nothing.  Scott had a fish hit.  So tell me, how was Florida..."

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