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Thank you, Jay!

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After yesterday's atypical trip on the river, normalcy was restored to the green Lund tonight.  As Scott was punching out from the day shift, Bruce and I punched in for the second. 

Our boats are boathouse buddies spending hours and hours together bobbing gently in their water home.  I wonder if they talk to each other?  What would they say? 

"Catching anything?"

"I caught a 49" last night.  Thankfully driver didn't blow it."

"Solid fish.  Good for you.  Did he thank you?"

"Of course not.  He took all the credit.  You know how musky guys are... me, me, me, I, I, I.  Girlfriend was sweet though, as always.  I don't know what she sees in him?"

Where was I?  Ah, yes... tonight's trip.  We fished from about 5:15 to 11.  We didn't catch anything, though it felt like we were about to the whole time.  The wind steadily increased from the west and northwest as the evening progressed to the point where the water was white capping.  We pounded mostly UN2.  The water temp dropped a bit from yesterday; 45-something.

We had an interesting boat snack tonight.  Utilizing a small Igloo cooler, towels and Ziploc bags, Bruce served us steaming hot bowls of goulash and garlic bread.  With the wind chill, dinner was wonderful.

This trip concluded my Musky season for 2021.  I caught one fish in forty-something hours.  It was one very nice fish though.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my boat partners from this season: Bruce, Carrie and Jojo.  I loved every minute of our trips.  Thank you.  I'd also like to thank my boat for catching my only fish this season.  Great job, Lund!  You are the best!

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