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Thank you, Jay!

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Decided to celebrate the summer solstice by skipping work and fishing with Ray Mahtook.  We fished 8-1.  It was very slow.  Managed to land a 30" fish on black ninja.  That was our only bite. Moss was not bad at all.

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Skipping work to go fishing is always the best way to celebrate!

John, I'm not one to continually correct people (as Carrie just rolled her eyes at me), but the best way to celebrate is to skip work to go fishing followed lunch at Suzie Q's. What's Suzy Q's? The best BBQ joint this side of the Mississippi, located only a stone's throw from the Niagara. Check it out and tell Suzy Scott sent you. This won't secure you any deals, but it will make me look good, and you will not be disappointed, but your cardiologist might be.

There is no greater misfortune in life than to drive up to Suzie Q's and see the SOLD OUT sign in the window.

Preach on, brother Stachowiak!

My wife & I had the same misfortune a couple of years ago. Went there because we had the "jones's" for a couple of pulled pork sandwiches. "SOLD OUT." The alternative was good but I can't remember what that was.

We'll be going again soon & I'll be sure to mention your name, Scott. My wife might be seated but if I'm shown thru the back door I'll know why it happened.

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