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Thank you, Jay!

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When the wall of water smashed into us as we were drifting between Strawberry and Motor Islands, all we could do was laugh.  JoJo said something to the effect of, "you're the president and I'm the vice president, right?" What a brain trust.

Before we were soaked through our skivies, we jigged and cast and trolled in UN 2, 3 and 4 from 6am to 1pm.  We didn't land squat, but Joe did have a nice fish on for a few seconds jigging in front of Strawberry on one of his homemade roadkill jigs.

I haven't seen a musky in person this year.  Hopefully that changes tomorrow.  Good luck, everyone. 

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What I said was “ So we are the President and the Vice President of the club but we don’t know enough to get out of the rain ...”
I couldn't really hear Joe all that well. My ears were filled with water.

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