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Thank you, Jay!

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I had the good fortune to be invited to fish with JoJo for my maiden musky voyage of 2020.  We headed straight out in front of Strawberry and did a number of drifts, trying desperately to stay on our side of the line.  We then drifted down the East river, jigging the usual haunts. Out of frustration I switched from a tube to a swim shad and at 12:40 had a solid strike.  Much to my surprise the hooks held and we netted a nice 40" fish.  Our cries of Alabalabala could be heard from all points of the globe. Fishing with JoJo is a unique experience.  His incredible knowledge of the river and stories of days gone by make the day fly by.  I feel very lucky to have him as a friend.

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Great report, Jay. JoJo is bad ass, isn't he? I've often said it is my privilege to call Joe my friend. Big 'ol head on your fish. When you see a head like that in the net it will usually fool you on the length of the rest of her.
It was a good day
I believe Jay has it backwards, I had the good fortune to fish with Jay! We chatted politics, crazy people, mad situation we live in to the new world ahead... great attitude and good old boy to spend the day with. We wanted to sneak into Canada but found plenty of water on the East Side of Town.
I was thinking that I might be one of the ones on the club that is not upset to leave the country.
In five days of wishing I having left our sliver of UN2 or 3,4or 5 and wanted to get downtown?
I wished 2 more hours and went 7:45-4
Will be out at first light to finish off my bucket week,
It s been a good week
"In five days of wishing I having left our sliver of UN2 or 3,4or 5 and wanted to get downtown?"

Joe, I'm pretty good at deciphering your "riddles", but what in the hell does your quote above mean?
Ok POTMA, I’ll write sloooowly
In five days of wishing
I have not left UN3,4,5
And the sliver of UN 2 that is on our side of the boarder, and I have wanted to go down river

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