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Thank you, Jay!

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I am starting to notice a trend when it comes to me and musky fishing.  It is an annoying trend.  I go musky fishing and I don't seem to catch any, ever.  I'm pretty sure I went 0 for November last year.  Now I am 0 for June.

Jiggin' Joe jumped on board and we fished from 5:30 until just after midnight.  We never left the front of Strawberry.  We jigged. We cast. We trolled downstream.  We trolled upstream. We trolled cross-stream.  We even tried a jigging drift around 11pm.  JoJo had a rip, and that was it for action. 

During our night jig drift, as we were coming to the end of it, I started casting. "Is that a topwater", Joe asked incredulously since we were in 14 feet of water.  "Desperate times call for lunacy", I replied. 

Hopefully I'll catch one before August. Don't bet on it.

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Igg you forgot about the highlight of the night beside being a gorgeous night on da riv.
My BIG FAT BELLY RIP, when my belly is big enough n hard enough to click my reel into free spool as I turned to look at screen.
I haven’t seen you jump like that in a while...
You're right, Joe. When a rod goes off it scares me. I don't hear that sound too often.

Scott...It's no wonder you don't get a hit. You're probably scaring them away. I'd ditch the T-shirt if I were you & wear something a little more subdued:

Do they have a "Fish Mock Me" or ""Fish Laugh at Me", shirts?

Is this what you had in mind?

Perfect, John. I'll take one in short sleeves.

That one is great John. Muskies must do a lot of laughing. For me, the first line should read "during a tournament". Sometimes the seagulls even join in.
John Jarosz said:

Is this what you had in mind?

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