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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished solo with JoJo today for a few hours. How does one fish solo with someone else? Joe was in his boat and I was in mine.  I don't believe there are any gamefish of any kind in the river right now, at least not near our boats.  I drop shot mostly and Joe spent much of his trip casting Raps shallow.  There was a lunker of a largemouth happily swimming and taunting me at my dock when I returned.  Even the largemouth laugh at me.

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I've been in the river twice fishing for bass, a couple hours each time. No fish found.

I was wondering if anyone has been going into Canadian water. I've read unofficial reports of the border line in the water being as far as we'll be allowed to go. I know the June 21 border opening date has been extended..

I haven't hear anything. I've ran my boat over Canadian waters, but haven't fished there.

I have personally watched the USBP and coast guard escort a canadian boat from the harbor to the canadian line.  The border is closed and to those deciding to enforce it that means the imaginary line in the river as well.  I'm not saying it's going to stop me until I get my warning but just be advised that there certainly is a risk.

I just received an email from Clint Palermo that he forwarded to our MI Chapter 69 members with this link from the CBSA. According to  the notice, the potential is there for serious consequences, at least until June 21st, maybe longer if they extend it again.

If you click on the link posted you are only expected to report if you anchor, moor or make contact with Canadian land or another boat in Canadian waters. I'm thinking/guessing these are the only ways you are violating border restrictions.

Everything I've read seems to suggest that you can't cross the border for non-essential activities period. That includes borders on shared waterways. I think this section of the press release issued by the Canadian Border Services makes it quite clear: 

"With the onset of warmer weather, boat and pleasure craft owners may be inclined to take their boats across the border on inland or coastal waterways, or to come to their cottages in Canada. These activities are considered discretionary (non-essential) travel according to temporary travel restrictions currently in place, and are, therefore, prohibited. Boaters are still permitted to navigate across international waters if needed, but are not allowed to enter Canadian territorial or boundary waters for discretionary, leisure (non-essential) reasons, including entry for touring, sightseeing and pleasure fishing."

The covid-19 restrictions usurp all other requirements, including reporting rules. 

I won't be fishing in Canadian waters until these restrictions are lifted.

Last time I was out I was running my boat from the harbor to the river and I was in Canadian waters. An OPP boat seemed to be paralleling me from a distance about mid-river. Once I crossed back into US waters they left. But it did appear that they were patrolling the area.

The Buffalo news Fishing Beat also stated huge fines and possible confiscations for angling in Canadian waters. I'd be willing to get escorted back to U.S. water but don't want to pay fines. Looks like it's time for me to learn more about the east river..

The Canadian rule is currently in effect until June 21st but it could extended. Maybe Canadian officials could be written to or petitioned to get the rules amended to allow for fishing if they decide to extend it. From what I heard, it was said on the Muskies Canada site that Canadians are facing the same thing and cannot fish US waters.

What if they require a mask while releasing a fish to mitigate any chance of transmission from person, to fish, to person.


In regard to recreational boating and fishing, further restrictions put in place June 1 severely restrict travel on border waters between the two countries. In New York State, that would mean travel on the Niagara River, border areas of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

Currently, U.S. anglers are banned from fishing in Canadian waters and boaters aren’t supposed to cross the international boundary on the waterways, with minor exceptions. Those caught violating the restrictions face stiff fines (ranging from $275 to $1,000) and possible confiscation of one’s boat.

Late last month, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced it was increasing its land and marine patrols along the international border in an effort to secure the Canada-US border and deter any smuggling activity.

“Members work to identify, interdict and stop the flow of illegal persons, drugs, guns and other commodities across the border. They also ensure that boaters are complying with any border restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police act as customs officials at unofficial points of entry. Sgt. Penny Hermann, a RCMP spokesperson, confirmed that “Innocent passage” for recreational boaters is allowed.

According to the source from the Canada Border Services Agency “foreign national recreational boaters” are allowed to travel through Canadian waters is if they’re traveling in “a continuous, and most direct and reasonable route possible” from one U.S. destination to another. No stopping on the Canadian side is allowed.

Should we go ahead and start up a go fund me account for whomever gets the first fine?

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