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Thank you, Jay!

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Had a fun morning fishing with Josh Ketry.  We jigged and casted all the usual haunts.  Josh ended up 2/3 with both fish mid 30's.  We both will be wondering for some time what the lost fish was.  It was clearly BIG but a very strange bite.  I had my first bite of the season and managed to land a feisty 37" fish.  Josh was able to tag 2 of the 3 fish.  The other got tangled up in the old beckman net that I am going to throw into the garbage and we ended up having to cut hooks.  That net is too big for one person to effectively handle and seems to get caught on everything that comes near it (boat cleats, boat windshields, stray hooks,musky teeth).  What should I get for a replacement net?

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Hey Jay, thanks again for taking me out.  As usual, I had a great time both talking and fishing.  Yes that big bite was strange.  Didn't feel the typical electric *pop* of a bite, and it left no teeth marks on the new tube.  But I had it on for 5-6 seconds including a short run towards me and then a super heavy initial weight off the bottom.  I am guessing it was either a snagged fish or a sturgeon.  

The problem with losing fish far from the boat is that you never know.... and that not knowing will always haunt you magnified by imagination.  

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