Keep in mind that I am always looking for images for our newsletter; fish, sunsets, sunrises, other anglers fishing, equipment, anything fishing related. I can use them all.  Large, unedited images are best. Thanks.

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Thank you, Jay!

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Good Day

Wished Tuesday 6/19/12 , 6:30- 9:30 with Bull and River

Nutin , 2 Foollows, same fish, same spot , Blue "Grass Island "Apartment Complex

"Never leave fish to find fish" 

jojo out

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I forgot Jojo... He's a good boy and posts his trips.  Thanks Joe.

Good Day

How could you possibly forget one of the biggest_______ in the club???

jojo out

Sweethearts?  Teddy Bears? Musky Hunters? American Heroes? What should appear in the "_________"?

TROUBLE MAKER, MUTT, BOZO, GEEK, FORTITUDINOUS SLOB,  OVER ZEALOUS FOOLLOWER, certainly not of the stuff you made up? Sweetheart???  Teddy Bear??? Hunter??? Hero???

Are you reading comics again!!! Have you ever been in a boat with me or seen mine???

jojo out


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