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Thank you, Jay!

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Does anyone have or know anything about the book,
Compendium of Musky Angling History, Larry Ramsell? There is a copy on eBay for $200?
Wondering if it is worth it?
See y’all Tuesday eve.
Jojo going

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I have an original from the 1970s which was written before all the frauds were disclosed. I also have the updated edition after the frauds were uncovered. The original is a classic book and my favorite muskie book ever written, but I don't think I'd pay $200 unless in mint condition and hard cover. And I don't think it was printed in hard cover. 

Incidentally, I saw Ramsell in a youtube video where he stated that all the muskies reported over 60 pound were either frauds or in err, including the O'Brian fish. He weighed the O'Brian fish 4 days after it was caught and it only weighed 56 pounds. No fish loses 9 pounds in four days. He believes that the fish had a belly full of water when weighed and that it was an honest mistake.

He believes the real world record is a 58 pounder caught in Michigan a few years ago. He weighed that fish 4 months after it was caught and it weighed the same as it was reported when caught. 

I agree with him that there has never been a confirmed and legitmate 60 pounder. Muskie weights, especially with catch and release, have a tendency to be significantly over-estimated. Even the lengths and girths are subject to exaggeration due to bad and inaccurrate measuring practices. 

He does believe the 61 pounder Georgian Bay fish may be legitimate, but the weight was never certified.

When I started muskie fishing a forty pounder was a huge fish. It still is. Much bigger than many realize. Now-a-days there seem to be a lot of 30 pounders being called 40s. A 30 pounder is a very big fish.

Jojo, please don't spend $200 for the Compendium. I have a signed copy you may have.

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