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Thank you, Jay!

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We use to fish the high winds and big waves in the past years and some of us have caught some big slobs doing so!What ever the winds are Thursday on I'm on the water!

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While fishing the south gap a year or two ago, Mike Crehan and I were trolling near Wittek Wall and we spotted Larry trolling outside, in huge rollers, parallel to the wall. Then we didn't see him when he was at the bottom of a swell. Good thing he had his rods in rod holders so he could steer with one hand and say the rosary with the other. What you have to do to get a November slob!

Breaking over complete length of Long Wall today, brown water behind walls,only clear water is in Black Rock Canal from West Ferry Street Bridge to Lauch and Buffalo Slip from General Mills to Sand Piles.
Even SBH has 2 ft waves,4 ft washboard behind harbor walls and 7 to 9ft waves outside the walls!

It might be a few days before it clears up:

Water temp is now 46 degrees,where we want it,dam wind and brown water,just have to be old school and go out in it!

Water was just about fishable this evening.  Anyone going tomorrow?

Jojo, Carrie and I will once again be flashing musky gang signs in the river from about 7:30 to 1ish. Good luck to everyone who heads out tomorrow and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thanks, Scott & everyone & the same to you.

Saw four boats in the S. Gap basin today with their trailers in the parking lot. Looked like a nice day to be out on the water

Pepe Le Pew for us. Even the World War I flying ace, Snoopy himself, couldn't manage a fish. 6-feet of visibility on the west side and 3 to 4 on the east... Perfect water as far as I'm concerned. Jojo and I are out tomorrow from 8am until we can't take it anymore. That could mean midnight, or at this rate 8:15am.

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