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Thank you, Jay!

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I was thinking about writing a reminder newsletter article, but I missed the cut-off, on head shot treble hooks on swim shads and tubes.  Three of the four fish I landed so far this season have come on swim shads and every one was hooked on the head shot treble hook I added to the swim shad.  The attached picture shows how I set it up with one point stuck in the back of the swim shad and a separate split ring to attach the hook to the leader snap.

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Scott..that would have made a great article!  You can't argue with success & you've got the numbers to prove it.

very nice..thanks

Scott what size/make treble do you like the best?

Good day
I do the same thing on ROBs
And agree it makes a point count,
Have any of you guys tried the super sharp slash badass frog hooks? Danny Lacko told me about them. Team Lacko puts them on the line tie of their Bondy's. These hooks are the sharpest I've ever come across. They will go through your hand in the blink of an eye right out of the box. I don't Bondy or jig or drag much, but when I do I use these frog hooks and most (maybe 1 or 2 a year) of my fish are stuck on these frog hooks. I'm going to switch the trailers on my spinnerbaits for Nipissing (ahhh, Nipissing) to these frog hooks as well.

Who makes these hooks? Uhhhh, Dan, you out there?

John, any article for the newsletter is a great article!


I like best a short shank 2x strength 4/0 hook which fits very nicely with the front single hook.  The hook in the picture is a little smaller, but it was the closest that I have at the house all the hooks I have of that size are on my boat.   I have not used the frog hooks as I find that having the treble hooked into the bait reduces the instances of the hook fouling with the leader to almost none.

Owner 6/0 double hooks

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