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Thank you, Jay!

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Goodday    6/20/20

     Been a long time since I could wish opening day, so I did not want to be late, up @ 2:30, leave house 3:30, on water 4:30.  Was out in time for the Moonrise / Sunrise duet but no dance partners for me.  Funny though I did not see the  moon at all?  Anyone know why?  Was it hiding behind the sun? As I thought the fish were hiding from me too?  

     Tried the usual East of Town hide outs to no avail.  Thinking that if their not dancing deep maybe their dancing inside?  Turned to speed trolling inside, behind Motor and Strawberry.  Not only no fish but no weeds anywhere?  Lots of moss, but no bottom weeds, I even searched very shallow and still none?  Why none?  Why none in the shallows?  Now, I thinking no weeds, no musky?  Wondering if this our rivers real problem?  I know weed growth has been low, but the fish need the weeds? To spawn, to hunt, to hide, to grow...

     I love my graph. The infinite it knowledge it possesses amazes me. Then again I'm a simple guy?  Today it showed me the way to not get arrested, walking the boarder line.  searching for weeds I walked the line then the spine up to the West Marine / Frenchmans line and started jigging tubes and blades.  At 9:05 I felt the tell tale tickle tick of a musky on the take.  Luckily I instinctively set the hook. The rod loaded, but I am curious... is this a fish?  I double set the hook still thinking ,is this a fish? Dancing with me?  I think it is, but still skeptical and not convinced?  Then I get a slight head shake and think I must have a fish?  Maybe it's a carp, a bass, a walleye or some other undesirable species?  Then more distinctive head shakes and I think I better get the beep beeping net?  I always have it ready but still have to get it in hand?  Now she decides  that she does not want to dance? Her change of heart is probably because she got a good look at my ugly mug?  I finally dance her into the net. She 's a dink but what a wonderful dink!  Remember it's not how you dance ,but it's do you dance?  My last dance was years ago and I loved this dance.  It's funny how life takes up your time?  Cut her off and sent home, thanking her for the dance.

    Was out 5 to 1, high noon cruisers and rollers were another reminder of the weekend on the river.  Back out in morn to try and catch the Sunrise / Moonrise duet again, 5:35/ 5:45, with the skunk off my back.    jojoout   

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I had to open up my Schmozetta Stone to interpret, but what a way to Dance With the Stars! Great report. You might not have been Soko, but close enough to be nominated

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