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Thank you, Jay!

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 Started the season with my boat not ready so I fished aboard Tommys boat. We blanked but I did have something snagged long enough to feel the resistance and had scales on both hooks. Got my own boat out for the full moon major but not a hit that night. Headed back out on Monday, June 28th, and headed past Tommy, who was already there, to check out his "honey hole" since he wasn't in it. On my second turn my lure was grabbed solidly. The fish stayed down  the entire battle and had me thinking I wasn't fighting it hard enough because of how slowly I moved it toward me. When it  swam into view I saw it was a nice fish that just wasn't making it easy. The net job wasn't too hard but it did do a turn that brought it into the net at an angle and when I lifted the net up there was still a foot of tail that did not want to slide into the hoop. It seemed to hang partway in the net forever before I finally sorta flipped the fish over and secured the catch. I looked down at a wide back and big head and immediately got out my phone to let Tommy know it was picture worthy. Once I slid my grip into the handle I knew it was a even bigger fish than I thought.  She bumped a bit over 51'' and became the third 50''+ this season from the far. Looks like John Pensyl is right. They've grown up..and Tommy has banned me from Strawberry again. Please Canada--let us over.

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CONGRATS, Carl. Nice fish & nice report.

Wow! Nice fish! I was trolling the Canadian side that night and saw you catch that beast by Strawberry Island. It's super cool to see the photo and report! Congratulations on your catch!

Good job Carl. You are the man. Hope to see you soon. Have a good summer and be safe. Keep catch more muskies 

Great fish Carl!  Congratulations


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