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Thank you, Jay!

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hi gang, my bump board must have blown out of my boat while trailering.  it's gone.  does anyone have a used bump board that they can sell me?  I'm not looking to break the bank, old beaters are fine by me as long as I can read the numbers.

Also casually looking for a used perchbait, maybe a plow, that's primarily black.  I definatley want it to have a black belly.  once again beaters are fine by me.  I'm not one to buy into the whole hundreds of dollars baits scene.  I guess you can call me frugal or cheap if you prefer.  

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I did pick up a Rapala plastic bump for the time being, but I'm hopeful that I can find some one who has a legit bump board just laying around and not being used that they will sell at a friendly price.


I have a homemade bump board that worked great for me for a few decades. Still in good condition. Inches easy to read and accurate. Not as convenient or nice as the newer manufactured ones, but still usable. Does not fold, and about 5 feet long, so you would need that room in the boat.

You can have it if you want. Will work a lot better than the rapala thing.


I posted a picture in case you're interested.

That was the wrong picture. Here's the one I have. actually only about 15 years old.

Frugal? Cheap? Nope. How about smart?
Tony, that looks like it would get the job done. How much?
I just noticed that it only goes up to 55. I'm not sure it will do. just kidding

You can buy me a beer at the next meeting you're at.

Geez, Tony. Don't be such a gouger.

John...if you catch a 56 incher & take a pic of the tail hanging over, I bet he'd give that to you for nothing

wow, very generous. I hope you'll let me buy you a few beers and some wings too. I will be honored to have your old bump board on my boat Tony.

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