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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished with Dave Martin down in the lower river from 8:30 to 3. No fish or rips or any signs of a muskie. Surface temp was 43.5. Beautiful dark green with 2 ft of vis or so.

Look what I found floating dead all around the Lewiston launch. Some candy....

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Cullen and I did just as good on the upper..  Nata.. Didn't even mark many muskies while trolling.  The few we did mark didn't want to play.

Nothing funny to write about today's trip.  Mike and I fished, if you can call it that, from  9 - 5. We didn't catch anything other than 100 yards or so of Power Pro above the humps in the Triangle.  There wasn't even a lure attached when I pulled the stuff in.  Unbelievable.  I did snag twelve emerald shiners on our way up the Canal on a Believer, which is a personal best.  The water visibility was less than one foot when I quit.  I am now officially doomed.  Back out tomorrow and Friday for more punishment.  On the bright side, my V-Max is working again, thanks to Eric at Brobeil and the lovely and talented Frank Stachowiak.  I really appreciate your efforts Frank and Eric.  She's purring like one of those things that are sort of like puppies but not, surrounded by legs to rub against and saucers full of milk.

I want everyone to know I have NEVER rubbed up against Scott. 

Scott, I thought you said you had nothing funny to write about?!  =)

Kobra, that bottom shad looks like it was sliced with something sharp, like a muskie tooth.

I noticed that also.On thusrday there were more shad floating around the Sanddocks (Lewiston Landing) than I seen on Wed. One was alive swimming on the surface. It was beautiful....

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