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Thank you, Jay!

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Carrie, Aurora and I went mapping today with vicious intent from 1:30pm to 6:15pm.  Basically this means we drove around while I played with my new Garmin gizmo while pulling lures just... in... case.  Since Aurora prefers casting, we did a little of that and we took one drop shot drift.  (Scott, the baits you gave me look great.  I just need to learn more (any, really) drifting patience. Thanks.)

My goal for today was to map some key fall spots before the Wittek, which Carrie and I are winning and by winning I mean participating.

It's weird having a new unit.  All of my trolls came second nature with the old Lowrance.  I had hundreds of waypoints I've lost permanently because I was too dumb to back them up.  Trolling around with the new toy is a bit different, but it sure is fun mapping.  I love focusing on areas, turning the screen all sorts of pretty colors and noting where I was screwing up with my old mental routes.

I thought we might catch a fish or two with the perfect water clarity (about six feet), the moon voodoo and the water temperature of 54.  (54 seems low to me. Was anyone else out today in the river?  If so, what temperature were you marking?)

I told Carrie, "don't be surprised if a rod goes off." The rods didn't really "go off", but we did catch two small fish. Carrie had a tiny rip on her 10" Carpe Diem Believer which resulted in a tiny fish of 32-inches. We were planning to quit around 6pm.  When 6:00 rolled around Carrie said, "you fish or map or whatever and I'll pack up."  As she was putting lures and other bits and bobs away a 37" smacked my Musky Candy in perch. The fish didn't really pull any line.  It just bent my right shoulder backwards a bit. 

Believe it or don't, these were our first muskies on and landed in the Niagara this year.  (I did catch a super dinker (15-inches, maybe) while bass fishing, but I'm not counting that.) After a summer of bass, my seemingly unavoidable post-Nipissing fishing depression and playoff baseball (GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!), we really haven't been out much, but it was still nice to get the skunks off the port and starboard.

After we put the boat to sleep we went to Sheridan so Aurora could go swimming.  As we pulled in we noticed an enormous boat docked with about 200 (10 or so, actually) rods jetting out of rocket launchers and a cockpit light bright enough to get a suntan.  This of course was Jojo and Toothy preparing to head out fishing for the evening.  I said to Aurora, "where's Jojo?" These words always get her really excited because she really loves Joe.  After looking for him in a group of people standing around a trailered boat, she found him on his boat and half-shocked Toothy in the process since most people don't expect to look down and see a dog wagging its tail furiously.  Joe wasn't too shocked since he always expects to look down and see a dog, usually five or so, wagging their tails furiously. We all chewed the fat for a while, while Joe blew strawberry kisses at Aurora.  After we convinced Jimmy to get on board because Joe was itching to go fishing, because Joe is always itching to go fishing, we played frisbee fetch with the baby and then went home.  Carrie and I had a great time, and Aurora was well behaved waiting for the big payoff of jumping and splashing and swimming in the really cold water.   Gotta love Labradors.  Back out tomorrow.  Good luck out there and everywhere else, team.

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Toothy and I were on the east river Saturday between about 7;30 pm till about 12:30 AM. The temperature we got was between 51 and 52. We had no action. Fished around the N GIB within 1 to 2 mi N and S.

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