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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

We're just a few days away and the Niagara is already kicking out some pigs! Yea this is just a small club outing to get a few guys out and have a good time but the baitmakers that were happy to sponsor our little gathering by throwing in a fun encentive are anything but small.

Hans Mann and Hans the Carver baits have quickly become one of the top producers in both the harbor and river. Hans solidified his bait as a permanent Niagara staple by bagging a trio of Buffalo harbor giants last fall including what is most likely the largest fish ever caught on lake Erie.

Marc Arena and Red October Baits really need no introduction.  ROB tubes changed the game on the Niagara and musky fishing everywhere. Marc's tubes are the greatest Niagara bait of all time and there is no 2nd place. No lure has put more giants in the arms of Niagara musky fisherman then the tube has in the last 20 years. Even with only a 3.5 hr window of daylight, the tube is heavily favored for a win as its off to a blazing start here at home with 50.5, 49, 49 and 47.5 inchers already netted with tubes down their throats opening week.

Cullen Veiders and musky candies customs came through with the winning bite last June via Mike Rowan's beautiful SHMO candy spinnerbait fish. Cullen's baits consistently catch some of the heaviest fish on the planet each fall including his own personal best 59.5" 58+ pound Goliath last fall. Cullen's baits have become a confidence bait for many over the last 10 years and own many personal bests for Niagara trollers.

Mike Fretthold and Fretthold Baits have solidified themselves as the standard of quality that all other baits are measured against. Mike cuts no corners and when these pieces of art are sent down to the depths they come back with teeth marks. Mike's baits have been go to's for some of the Niagara river's top night owls for a few seasons now and are sure to put a good one in the boat Friday night. Thanks again to our sponsors for giving us a fun opportunity to win a cool prize. Time to make one of them pay up this Friday! Somebody is gonna catch a WHALE.

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