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Thank you, Jay!

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Last Wednesday, my buddy Ryan and I had an incredible day fishing for muskies on the UN with flies.  We caught 3 muskies from 43-44", each one coming from different spots in the river.  1 in UN6 in the morning, 1 in UN3 around noon, and 1 in UN13 late afternoon.  The largest of the day was 44" and was missing an eye.  It looked to be a very old wound that healed over well.  We dubbed this fish "The General" as it was obviously seasoned and battle tested veteran.  The crazy part was the fish was caught in water with maybe 20" of visibility, ate the fly boat side on the figure 8, and turned to eat the fly on it's blind-side.  The tiger musky below also ate the fly boat-side just as I was about to go into the figure 8.  To date, I have caught 3 Tigers in the UN over the last 3 years and every one of them has been 43"... crazy coincidence I guess.  I'm still looking for a 50"er but I'll never forget this awesome 3 fish day.

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Please zap me these pictures. Any interest in writing a how-to fly guy for teeth article?

one word:   "SUPERB" !!

I know that a how-to fly-guy article sure would help me out.  I've had my follows but no takers, yet.  

is it 2016 yet?

Riley, I really enjoyed your commentary.  I was glad you actually included some specifics on location size etc... It is cool to hear the details and the "general" is an epic creature for sure. I guess that is as good as proof as any that lateral line plays a significant part in prey capture.

BTW can't believe you went fishing with Buddy Ryan.

I'd be happy to work on an article over the winter, when all my free time isn't spent fishing.
Hey Mark, I'll forgive you for calling me Riley.... The biggest difference between Riley and me is that I have a working I learned a lot this year about maintaining confidence even when the water clarity is poor and how well these fish can hunt via lateral line. My biggest fish this year also came from water with less than 2 feet of visibility, I now welcome those conditions instead of it killing my confidence.

Btw- I had to look up who Buddy Ryan is but now I get the reference..ha!
I saw a guy throwing flies in the harbor over the weekend. Had to be part of your crew..... Congrats on the beauties! Love them Tigresses!
Whoa now. I have two boats. Only one is not working!!

Josh - Thank you! That was likely me you saw in the harbor, I fished on Sunday around the North Gap walls and Buffalo River mouth.  I spent half the day out there with no success and then headed back to the river to complete my skunking.

Ha!  I knew that would get you riled up.

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