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Thank you, Jay!

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A proposal to increase the size limit for muskellunge in Zone 20 (St. Lawrence, Lake Ontario and the lower Niagara River) in Ontario has passed into the public consultation phase.  Click here  to see the proposal and who you need to contact with your approval (I assume).  Thanks and way to go OMNR!  Let’s see the upper jump to 54” or at least 48”!

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From April 4 to May 4, 2012, comments can be directed to FMZ20@ontario.caor to:

Marc Desjardins Lake Ontario Management Unit 41 Fish Hatchery Lane, RR4,  Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Thats awesome! Hope they do it.  54"

Shoot Marc Desjardins an E-mail voicing your opinion.  I'd like to see 54" from Lake Erie to the Atlantic Ocean.  And I'd love to see the 48" I caught last year when she's 54".

I emailed Marc telling him that I am very much in favor of changing the size limit to 54 inches on muskellunge caught in FMZ 20.  Since fish of that size are usually female, this size limit change will protect more female fish, in turn providing a potentially more successful spawn in the spring.   This will help provide for a better musky fishery as a whole for years to come.  We should propose changing FMZ 19 (Upper River) to 54, not only on the Canadian side but the US side as well.


We would need a big time Canadian researcher like Dr. Casselman to do a study on the upper to justify the OMNR even considering a change in the regulations.  I would love a uniform size limit for the entire River on both sides.  it would eliminate the ability to fudge the locations of caught fish that are kept and virtually eliminate mature females from being harvested.

Harvested legally that is...

Where do we find these researchers?  Who do we need to contact?

  Yes,we need to get the Upper Niagara River to 54" as well!


Post Re: FMZ 20 Proposed 54" Minimum Size Limit Public Consultati
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Thanks for the Great work, Jim, John and ken.I would Love to see ALL Muskie Organizations from Canada and the USA to Increase the Minimum Size Limit to 54"

Look how Great the Pike fishing is in Manitoba because of Rules, Regulations and Size Limits.

I share my opinion with you because of the major die off's that occured on the St Lawrence. We need to Protect and Conserve the Muskellunge for future generations.

IT will take all of our support from all organizations to make the change to enhance and protect the Muskellunge Fishery.

Please share this, make a comment.


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