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Thank you, Jay!

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Scott and I got on the water about 6 am.  We started off speed trolling and casting from just above Frenchman's down.  At 6:30 we decided to troll the triangle.  At 6:40 my rod went off, after a brief fight where I announced that I must have set my drag too loose because the fish was hard to get in, my biggest fish ever, a beautiful 47" was in the net.  She had a gouge on her from the spawn, but she dove right down when released.  That was the only fish we saw today (not that I'm complaining) and we got off the water around 10 am because Scott had to go to work.  We will be back at it tomorrow morning, good luck to everyone out there!

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I went out with chris and tj at 330 didnt get ob the water til around luck at strawberry...went north of motor island casting perchbaits and I had 2 dink follows in 5 casts no fish! off at 1130

Way to go Carrie!

Jon MacSwan and I trolled the harbor. I caught a 40 incher in North Gap at about 10 am on Perch Bait Perch. Water-released. Tried one pass down east river, no luck. Off the water by 1:30 pm. Will try tomorrow am if not too stormy. I'm getting too old for too stormy.


Beautiful fish, Carrie & I can see why you're not complaining.  Nothing to complain about with that one. It might make others complain, though, that they didn't get one like that!

We went out for walleye this morning & picked up three nice ones, 20"-22", on a spinner & worm using a three-way off the mouth of Smokes until we got blown off.  On the way in, did see several musky trollers inside the wall but no action that I could see.

Good to see you guys out there, i ended up getting a 40" down stream of millers creek casting a stalker.

Thanks everyone!!!! Also, I forgot to mention in my report that this fish was caught on a 10" jointed Believer in Carpe Diem, 30 feet back off a 16 oz. JoJo ball.  And, I forgot to thank Scott for an amazing net job, she only had one hook in her and I was terrified she was going to throw it!

Congratulations on your biggest musky ever!  What a great trophy.   Nice to see all your hard work and dedication being rewarded in the best way possible.  Can a 50 be far behind?

Thanks Jay! I dare not hope for a 50 yet... I actually told Scott today that I didn't need to catch another fish for the rest of the season, he is betting that feeling lasts 2 weeks (I have to agree, I get antsy, lol!) I am more than happy to catch my biggest fish by 7 inches opening day, I am so silly excited, it's ridiculous!

That's awesome Carrie...nice heavy fish.  Rod and I trolled the deep water, both North and South from 2am until action.  Casted the weed edge near cargill for a couple of hours where Rod had a brief boatside spat with a 40 inch fish on a bucktail, she didn;t stick.  I hooked up on a tube on the deep side about 15 feet down over 25 feet, never saw it...she came unbuttoned after about a 5 count.  Saw 2 others anglers land fish of 38 and 40 inches, both on bucktails.  We started trolling 12-14 foot of water around 8am and I quickly landed a 42 on an 8" believer in front of SBH. We continued trolling for another 2 hours and I landed a 37" fish on a 9" Grandma in 18 feet of water near the mouth of the Buffalo river.  Off the water at 10:30.  Heading out tomorrow morning for a few hours

Congrats again Carrie! That's a great fish! I took a newbie out today, we started trolling the river at 2:00am and by 4 I was sick of the moss and casting below Thompson's. At daybreak I had him dragging a black tube below frenchmans while I casted big cranks, 1st drift he had a solid fish on but she came off about halfway up. It didn't take long for him to get another shot as he put a much better hookset on a nice 40" fish the next drift. I managed to keep in tradition and lose all my fish on opening day, 0-3 including a couple brief few second hookups and a solid mid 40 inch fish i had a nice battle with but managed to pull free as she twisted and turned below the boat. All our action came while jigging even though I spent a good portion of the day casting deep cranks to no avail.

Congrats on a beauty of a fish Carrie.... You too Jay hahaha

Short-lined trolled the harbour with josh ketry for about 3 hours between 7:30am and 10:30am, just a ton of boat traffic so we mailed it in fairly early.

We water released  one high 30 inch fish on a jointed wiley in josh's favorite color, dogballs in 12 feet of water.

Felt great to be back on the water again.


Congrats on such a nice fish, Carrie!

Got out with my father in law, Jack and brother in law, Tony for our yearly father's day trip.  It was cut short due to weather, but we fished the harbor from 6:30 until 10:00 am.  Tony landed a 42" fish (his first) on an 8" jointed BK lure in black perch around 7:15am.  Our only action.

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