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Thank you, Jay!

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My friend Greg and I launched at 8:00 and fished till 3:00.  What a beautiful day to be on the water or as my daughter says "What a day to have a day."  Very slow morning then hooked and dropped a fish followed by a slack line bite that I totally whiffed on.  Finally at 12:40 had a solid hookup and put a nice 44 in the net.  I am in total awe of the collective stupidity of the operators of jet skis and cigarette boats.  We spent a good part of the afternoon rocking in their wakes as they flew by us at full throttle separated by 30 feet or less.  Clearly once you set foot on either type of vessel your IQ plummets by a minimum of 20 points.

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Agreed, Jay. What a day! And the cabin cruisers were nuts. We were South of Strawberry & I see this huge cruiser barreling at us. It had sliding glass doors, fly bridge, radar, lounge chairs, the whole bit. Too big to ever get on plane. Passed right near us & we had to hang on.

Congrats on the 44!

You should have been in the South Gap,lost count on number of boats rounding the end of the Long Wall and boats electric motoring for walleye.We managed a 38" & 41" Muskies on Hi-Fin Trophy Divers Jtd in Glitter Gold Bar! Will try night trip tomorrow.
Jay Congratulations on 44"!

Nice fish, Larry. Congratulations!! Good luck tomorrow night.

Ala bala bala
Jay n Larry congrats
Jojoout this week...

Nice fish Jay! 

I took my niece, Katie, out opening day. She works for the USF&W and had already caught a 42 in the harbor and a fat 45 in the lower river. Electroshocking. They were assessing the invasive population. Lots of gobies.

We caught nothing in the harbor. Never saw so many boats drifting around. Saw them catching fish, but couldn't tell what, other than a drum or two. I assumed they were after Walleye. 

Went down river and trolled down the Tonawanda Channel. Nothing again. Power boats running the channel were awful. Katie didn't have a Canadian license so we couldn't escape to the West river. I think I'll try to stick to weekdays.

Next time casting, jigging and dragging in the peaceful confines of early weekday mornings.

Great start to the season Larry!  You should get combat pay for daring to fish that area on a weekend

It sounds like Katie had better luck than most people with even seeing one. They had better luck that day than the DEC. Maybe she'll bring some good mojo to her uncle. And ditto on the weekday fishing. Those have become my days of choice, too.

Toothy and I launched at Ilse View and started casting behind Motor Island about 10:30am. Other than a couple follows Jim had there during several drifts, we had no luck. Also did some casting in several other places in the east river before it got too ridiculous trying to control the boat and keep standing in the bow. we switched to trolling but had no luck with that and saw no big hooks. Even tried trolling N of Strawberry. Quit around 8:30.

It seemed like the boats and jet skis were trying to make things miserable for us by coming as close as possible no matter where we tried to hide. They seemed to be trying to find the speed that creates maximum wake. I think they were playing a game where they get points for causing the guy in the bow to fall over. And they got triple points for a MOB.


I try to be off the water by 1130 AM or 12 PM on the weekends during the summer due to all of the "pleasure" craft. The certainly do not bring me any "pleasure".

Happy fathers day!

Nicely done Jay!

Congrats Jay on the 44. Nice one. I had a similar experience last week on Honeoye Lake. I was fishing and there was another boat maybe 30 yards away. Both casting. Next thing I know a cigar type speed boat goes right between us going full throttle 50 MPH? Both boats were rocking badly and I invented a few new swear words. Why is there no license required for boating? I just dont get it, so many nuts out there and so many who have no idea what they are doing controlling a boat or just common courtesy. 

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