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Thank you, Jay!

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Been out a few times since the NY opener Wednesday.   Lots of hours washing lures at night and a few hours staring at the bottom through gin clear water during the day.  Had 4 trips with zippo to show for them except really dialing in the new livescope system.  I was able to get it dialed to the point that I can watch my baits while trolling.  I can see fish spike up to the bait from the bottom and peel back down in apparent disgust.  I can also see my exact depth, or if I have moss on my line or exactly when my lure begins to blow out which is certain to put more fish in the bag.

Last night the fish finally went on the chew. We got 3 by 1am, 40-44. Lost a 4th. Got to see one eat on live scope finally. She was so hot as she charged the bait. Spiked of bottom and then u could see her swimming just charging back and forth behind the bait. I got so excited I just yelled out, "musky musky musky, DOWN ROD" and right as I said it u could just see her start peeling back headshaking and the rod starts ripping. Was so amazing to see.

Also had a fish eat 2 baits. Found they wanted it trolled straight into the current along the drops in lunge lane so we crossed over to try it up the strawberry edge. Right between the 2 humps the down started ripping, then the out starts ripping so I thought we were doubled or she crossed it maybe. Then we realize she's got both baits and we get her in the bag. Im adamant she just crossed the out rod and then I look at her yap. The out rod jointed shallow is burried, she ate it first and the down is t boned... she litterally ate the out and continued charging forward 10 ft and ate down. Wild.    Just when these fish begin to convince you they are all never gonna eat again, they wake up and give u a reason to come back.

On another note we've got 12 guys for the sunset outing Friday.  Come out and join us and catch a whale!

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Nice work I was convinced they were NEVER GONNA EAT AGAIN
See everyone Friday night

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