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Thank you, Jay!

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No luck opening weekend with about 4 hours spent casting/trolling the harbor, 2 hours jigging the emerald channel, and 3 hours jigging the river over the two day period.  My brother in law did have one fish on in the river for a brief tussle.  Jigging a white 7.5" tube in front of strawberry.


On 7/4 fished with my friend Bryan from 630-10 am.  We jigged UN2 and UN3.  All our action came in a 45 minute period from 730-815.  Bryan hooked and played a fish for a 10 count.  All indications pointed towards a nice fish, unfortunately it stayed deep and we never saw it before it came off.  The following drift I landed a 40" fish on a black 7.5" tube.  She ate it before it made it to the bottom on my first cast of the drift.  She had some spawning scars that were healing pretty nicely.  Next drift had a dink try thrashing my tube at the surface after I zipped it in without paying much attention.  No other action...fished until 10am

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I lost a good fish at 5:15am on the 4th on a black ninja, marked the spot with a waypoint and went and played elsewhere. Guessing she just nipped it because only teeth marks were way low on the tube by the stinger. Watched Bryan hook up and you run for the net a couple hrs later on the exact spot. That fish was celebrating its independence and we were not about to mess that up.

Well put John.  Nice work.

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