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Thank you, Jay!

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Tony Scime Division

#3 Red Head vs. #14 Lemmonhead (Chartreuse head / white body)

Tom Page Division

#3 Walleye (Natural) vs. #14 Rainbow (Pikie color below)

Jon MacSwan Division

#3 Chartreuse Pikie vs. #14 Lac Seul Perch

Capt. Larry Jones Division

#3 Perch (Yellow Belly) vs. #14 Frog

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Scime: #14 Lemmonhead (I hate Red Head)

Page: #3 Walleye (Natural)

MacSwan #13 Lac Seul Perch

Jones: #3 Perch (Yellow Belly)

Scime- Lemonhead

Page- Walleye

MacSwan- Lac Seul Perch

Jones- Perch

Scime:Red Head; Page:Rainbow; MacSwan:Lac Seul Perch; Jones:Perch

Scime - Lemmonhead

Page - Walleye

MacSwan - Lac Seul Perch

Jones - Perch

(I have a feeling we could be seeing 2 upsets in this round!)

Good Day

Tony- Red Head, Tom - Rainbow, Jon- Chartuse,  Larry-  Perch

jojo out

Scime #14
Page #3
MacSwan #3
Jones #3

Scime: #3 Red Head

Page: #14 Rainbow

MacSwan:  #3 Charreuse Pikie

Jones:  #3 Perch

Voting for these games is closed.  We had a few upsets.  In a shocker Lemonhead nipped Red Head, the most old school color ever.  Perhaps voters thought they were selecting the candy.  Natural Walleye held on to beat Rainbow at the buzzer.  Lac Seul Perch took down Chartreuse Pikie.  Yellow Belly Perch trounced Frog 7-0.

Voting for the #4's vs the #13's is still open, and the #5's vs. the #12's is now posted.

But redhead is one of my best alltime!

You should have lobbied more for the old stand by.

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