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Thank you, Jay!

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Tony Scime Division: #1 Fire Tiger vs. #16 Red Winged Blackbird

Tom Page Division: #1 Orange Belly Perch vs. #16 Black Firetail (Smitty color)

Jon MacSwan Division: #1 Black vs. #16 Pink (also known as Dog D!ck)

Capt. larry Jones Division: #1 Niagara Walleye vs. #16 Red Wood Ranch (Golf Pants)

I'll post the next four "games" in a few days.

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My Votes:

Scime: Fire Tiger

Page: Orange Belly Perch

MacSwan: Black

Jones: Niagara Walleye

Scime:  Fire Tiger

Page: Orange Belly Perch

MacSwan:  Black (what, no white in this contest?)

Jones: Niagara Walleye

I don't get it. But I'm a little slow sometimes.

Ok. I read the explanation. You don't get enough sleep.

Scime - Fire Tiger

Page - Orange Belly Perch

MacSwan - Black

Jones - Niagara Walleye

Tony Scime Div.           #1 Fire Tiger

Tom Page Div.             #1 Orange Belly Perch

Jon MacSwan Div.         #1 Black

Capt. Larry Div.            #1 Niagara Walleye

#1 seeds all the way...

Silver Flash and Superman are almost all white.

Scime- Fire Tiger

Page- Orange Belly Perch

MacSwan- Black

Jones- Niagara Walleye

#2 Seeds vs. #15 seeds will be posted later tonight or tomorrow.

No upsets from my perspective.  Number one seeds take it in all four divisions

Good Day

Perch , Perch and Perch.

It is the most found bait in a Musky's tummy.

Perch , Perch , Perch

Maybe Fire Tiger If the water or sky is dark.

jojo out

Voting closed for #1 vs. #16 Seeds.

All number 1 seeds advance to the second round easily.

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