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Thank you, Jay!

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Good day, I'm planning on fishing Saturday evening into the night (7pmto3isham)

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I don't know why only the first line posted?

Just wondering if there is any equipment/tips to make night trolling go smoothly and safe. I have plenty of lights and extra batteries. 

You might consider putting a Rosary in your pocket.

Seriously, a bright spotlight and an air horn are important to have on board. 

Make sure the lures you're pulling run true. A tangled mess is a bigger pain in the dark.

Coffee is not a bad idea.

Extra batteries for your artificial light sources.

Make sure your navs work.

Bring a jacket.

Make sure the flash is set to on.

Purchase the MLB package so you can watch or listen to baseball games while you fish.

Night fishing is easy if you're prepared. Have a blast and pop a horse. (Don't have a "blast" in drinking terms, just fun terms.)
Alabalabala welcome jojo

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