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Thank you, Jay!

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Been out 3x with action each trip.  Fished opening am with Cullen mostly jigging with brief casting and trolling stints mixed in.  First drift I jigged up a nice clean thick 44ish fish within 3 minutes of starting the day.  About 9am I brought a low 40 fish right to the bag only to have her twist her way loose at the last second.  We took a couple hr excursion down to navy/buckhorn area to do some shortlining and casting with no results.  Then came back up top and hooked a beautiful leopard looking 47ish fish that managed to come loose right at the bag after a hard fight.  1 for 3 with 2 boatside losses we called it a day around 2pm.  

     I went home and took a quick nap and headed back out for the night troll with Mike Fretthold to get some teeth marks in his new bait the "Cuda".   The bait thumps hard with tons of belly roll and it didnt take us too long to get a nice pull in about 14fow.  Mike's rod loaded up good, got a couple good headshakes and off she came.  2 hours later my rod fires in the same area.  This time its fast violent rips of the drag typical of the smaller fish and once again off she comes.  We got the teeth Mark's in the bait but no fish in the bag...  cant win em all.

        This am I ventured out with Johnny miller for round 3.  First fish took all of 90 seconds with a fish slamming my tube at the top of the drift.  2nd fish came at about 10am not too far from that one.  3rd fish came after noon a bit deeper off the edge.  Finished again around 2pm 3 for 3 and a big bonus walleye.  All nice clean healthy 40-42" fish.  So far every fish has been beautiful and clean this season.  Guessing they practiced social distancing through the spawn because they all look great and are fighting hard.  Back out tonight or tomorrow for round 4.  We will see how it goes.



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Ended up fishing midnight until about 10am. Didnt take long and I had a 36ish" fish in the bag from 12fow on the old faithful nightstalker sniper. Up to 43 fish on that bait since 2015 and it's still kicking. Somewhere around 8am I had a fish on jigging long enough to load up the rod and shred my tube. Then Cullen managed a tanker of a river walleye we weighed at 9.14 for the hell of it. That was it for action. River seeming pretty lifeless overall besides the countless rudd in the shallows or all the male bass guarding beds.

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