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Thank you, Jay!

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So.... remember that one time it was summer in March?

Anyone out for smallies?  Curious as to what pattern works best on the 3rd consecutive day of 75 degree weather, in mid March in a year when Lake Erie never froze?  Sunburn in March.  Now that's a first. 

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Usually to catch smallmouth bass in March, you'd have to go to Tennessee or Kentucky.  Try chewing tobacco and pitching jigs.  It wouldn't hurt to talk with a drawl either.  Good luck partner.

A couple years ago we had a real mild spring. I didn't get out in March, but was out in the first week of April. Water temperatures were probably similar to current temps. Took my nephew for a little trolling along the Hamburg shoreline. We only caught 12 smallies but 6 of them were over 20 inches, and all football shaped.

I don't usually troll for smallies, but it is a great way to catch really big fish. And at this time of year the really big fish will be close to shore.

I've also drifted the breakwalls in early April and caught lots of fish, though not quite as many big ones as I would catch trolling. But lots and lots.


This is one of about half dozen double headers we had trolling today.  Got about 50 fish including a bonus 12lb laker.  The fish are already up shallow. 12-14' bouncing the raps off the rocks.  We also did well on tubes, jigging spoons, and a few on drop shot.

Drew with his first of the day. Spring Break in Buffalo in March.  Wearing shorts, sandals, and getting sun burn!

You are my hero right now Josh.  I spent the entire day punching buttons.

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