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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

I3 weeks out! Temps are dropping and timing is going to be perfect to have a BIG day on the Niagara! All of our sponsors are back on board so get ready to put down your top baits from Hans the Carver, Red October Baits, Michael Fretthold or Cullen Veiders' musky candies and win a free bait from them for the win! Time to get this participant list together!

Jojo is making his famous chili! Msg me here, txt or call and let's get out there!

$25 per person
7am until 4pm On Sunday Nov 5th
Use any launch and fish any waters on the Upper Niagara or eastern lake erie.
Report catches to me with photographs by 3pm.
Photo on the flat measuring device required
Fish safety and your safety is priority #1
Payout to top 3
1st 50%
2nd 30%
3rd 20%

Chili and laughs at the Sheridan boat launch after the event!

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Also just keep in mind that anyone who isn't an NMA member can sign up for the club and the dues will be applied toward their 2024 membership.  No better time to sign up a new member if you need a partner!   9 boats signed up already!  It's gonna be a good one!

I would like to fish the tournament but don't really want to solo it. Is anyone looking for a first mate? I am a competent net man :) 

Louis and I will be fishing the tournament. 

Can I pay the entry fee day of the tournament?


Absolutely Tony. I'll be at sheridan early
Wow! Very impressive list of anglers in the Wittek.

1. Hans Mann
2. John Miller
3. Cullen Veiders
4. John Pensyl
5. Sean Leary
6. Mike Rowan
7. Andrew Lacko
8. Dan Lacko
9. Kyle Van Der Kool
10. Derek Muste
11. Joseph Wilczewski
12. Mr. Toothy
13. Scott Mckee
14. Carolyn Keane
15. Ben Mannarino
16. Richie Johnson
17. Michael Fretthold
18. Joshua Ross Ketry
19. Benjamin Duke
20. Louis Long
21. Tony Scime
22. Sam Cullis
23. Dean Eoannou
24. Joe Hetzendorfer
25. Ken Szymanski
26. Andy Hetzendorfer
27. Joe Jr.

Jojo is creating the most diabolical, insanely amazing musky chili ever for the Wittek. Because of the incredible turnout we'll need to supplement the stuff at the after party with hot dogs. I would really appreciate it if someone brought a grill to the foot of Sheridan after the tournament. Any grill will do.
Carrie and I were just discussing our Wittek / Henning strategy. I can't disclose what was said other than than the following: Charcuterie Board.
Well it looks like mother nature is being cooperative and things are coming together nicely for Sunday. We've got 35 signed up for Sunday so far. If anybody else would like to join in Sunday just get ahold of me at any time. 716-628-9563

1. Hans Mann
2. John Miller
3. Cullen Veiders pd
4. John Pensyl pd
5. Sean Leary
6. Mike Rowan
7. Andrew Lacko
8. Dan Lacko
9. Kyle Van Der Kool pd
10. Derek Muste pd
11. Joseph Wilczewski
12. Mr. Toothy
13. Scott Mckee
14. Carolyn Keane
15. Ben Mannarino pd
16. Richie Johnson pd
17. Michael Fretthold
18. Joshua Ross Ketry pd
19. Benjamin Duke pd
20. Louis Long ($$)
21. Tony Scime ($$)
22. Sam Cullis pd
23. Dean Eoannou. (PdTS$$)
24. Joe Hetzendorfer
25. Ken Szymanski
26. Andy Hetzendorfer
27. Joe Jr.
28. Chuck Card
29. Mike Day
30. Veronica "Scott" kitchen
31. Phil Slater
32. Joshua "Kobra" Kane
33. Jiggalo Jay
34. Dave Gorski
35. Joe Soldaczewski
This will be the biggest field ever in one of our Memorial Tournaments! Big ups to to our Tournament Director John Pensyl and to everyone who signed up to participate. Great stuff, team!

Carrie and I will be flashing musky gang signs (as is our (my) custom) and while we haven't worked out a new haka for the tournament, we do have a secret weapon. We will officially be unveiling the McKeane Hot Fudge Volcano Cannon during the Wittek / Henning! Be warned, you better bring some whipped cream if you get too close to our boat, because you will get slathered. I just love the word slathered...
We are almost at 40 participants! Tremendous.

The Wittek is almost here! Yea this is just a small club outing to get a few guys out and have a good time, but the baitmakers that were happy to sponsor our little gathering by throwing in a fun encentive are anything but small.

Hans Mann and Hans the Carver baits have quickly become one of the top producers in both the harbor and river. Hans solidified his bait as a permanent Niagara staple by bagging a trio of Buffalo harbor giants last fall including what is most likely the largest fish ever caught on lake Erie.

Marc Arena and Red October Baits really need no introduction. ROB tubes changed the game on the Niagara and musky fishing everywhere. Marc's tubes are the greatest Niagara bait of all time and there is no 2nd place. No lure has put more giants in the arms of Niagara musky fisherman then the tube has in the last 20 years.

Cullen Veiders and musky candies customs came through with the winning bite June of 2022 with Mike Rowan's beautiful SHMO candy spinnerbait fish and Cullen won the 2023 June outing on his own musky candies MILF. Cullen's baits consistently catch some of the heaviest fish on the planet each fall including his own personal best 59.5" 58+ pound Goliath last fall. Cullen's baits have become a confidence bait for many over the last 10 years and own many personal bests for Niagara trollers.

Michael Fretthold and Fretthold Baits have solidified themselves as the standard of quality that all other baits are measured against. Mike cuts no corners and when these pieces of art are sent down to the depths they come back with teeth marks. Mike's baits have been go to's for some of the Niagara river's top night owls for a few seasons now and are sure to put a good one in the boat Sunday..

Also we have a brand new sponsor!! Mr Toothy!! Jim Reynold's baits have been staples on the Niagara for over 2 decades now. Many giants have fallen to the beautiful creations Jim has brought to meetings and sent to battle with NMA members over the years. Good odds fish will be caught Sunday on some of toothy's weapons.

Thanks again to our sponsors for giving us a fun opportunity to win a cool prize. Time to make one of them pay up this Sunday! Somebody is gonna catch a WHALE.

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