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Thank you, Jay!

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Tomorrow's the day! Looks like we've got 13 participants so far and a couple more possibles if they can make it happen tomorrow. We've got light west winds switching to sw as the sun sets. Temps are right, the fish are there, we've got no real excuses. Somebody catch a giant and win a cool bait!

Players so far....

1. Scott Kitchen
2. Louis Long
3. Joseph Wilczewski
4. Kelley Wilczewski
5. Derek Muste
6. Chelsea Muste
7. Carl Schenk
8. Dave Gorski
9. Hans Mann
10. Sean Leary
11. Mike Rowan
12. John Pensyl
13. Michael Fretthold

Remember when the time comes tomorrow feel free to launch wherever you'd like and fish wherever you'd like on the Upper Niagara or Lake Erie. Please take a photo of your fish laying on the bump board and a pic of you holding it (board is fine if you are solo) and post them here, the Facebook NMA outing page or send them to me and I'll get them posted. 716-628-9563 if anybody needs to get a hold of me. I'll be launching from Sheridan and I'll be back there by 2am so you can come collect your winnings after landing a whale. Remember this is just meant to be fun and let's keep it that way. Everybody be careful out there. See you all tomorrow!

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Also anybody who wants to come fish and join in last minute tomorrow just let me know.  Its only $10, biggest fish takes all and you've got a chance to win a great bait from Hans Mann, Mike Fretthold, Cullen Veiders or Marc Arena!   Thanks again guys!

I got a call from Connie from the DEC. She's the person who Jojo talks with & gets the permits from to do the tree wrapping and island cleanups every year. She is looking for someone who can shuttle an owl trapper from the Sheridan Launch to Tern island. A rogue owl shows up every night & has been feasting on baby terns. The process is to shuttle the trapper to Tern Island about 7 or 7:30 p.m. TOMORROW (Saturday during the tourney), or some other convenient time, drop him off & once the owl is trapped, he would call, get picked up & returned to Sheridan.

If anyone is available to help her out, please call Connie's cell at (716) 501-1729. She would greatly appreciate the help and called me because of the NMA's involvement with the Upper

Thanks much!

John the Tourney is tonight. Friday night. Personally I hope the owl wins and kills everything that flies out there!

Oops...My mistake. Thanks

Jojo ended up talking with Connie & worked something out.

They should train the owl to get the cormorants

Up to 15! The Cotter Boy's are in and looking to win a sweet bait.

We ended up with 16 participants. Mike Rowan wins it with a casting 45" on a schmo candy spinnerbait! Looks like Cullen Veiders of Musky Candies customs is making mike a sniper for the candy win!

His partner Sean Leary also came through with a 44.5 trolling a jointed river slick and Carl Schenk traveled down the east side and got a 44.5 on a jointed musky candy.

Sean and Mike also added a mid 30s on a red October tube to round out a 3 fish night for the team.

Me and Michael Fretthold got a nice walleye on a candy and had a musky eat a beautiful ball of moss on mikes weed catcher on the livescope screen. Smh. I also let myseld, Red October and Marc Arena down when I dropped a tank while jigging early on in UN1.

Dan Lacko and Andrew Lacko added another walleye to the nights walleye limit. We should have had a fish fry Jojo!!

Thanks Everyone. That was fun. It proved there are fish to be caught. Just gotta be in the right place at the right time and willing to try something different. Nice job Mike, Sean and Carl. 45, 44.5 and 44.5 aint too shaby.

Also we can't forget to give credit where its due. The shmo candy spinnerbait is a collaboration bait between Cullen and Jojo! Nice job Jojo! Shmo candy win!!
Speaking of credit where due, I promised Jojo at the last meeting that I'd win Pensyl's tournament on shmo. BIG! shout out to Jojo for the mojo. And I don't think a candy win came as a surprise to anyone. Good people, good time, can't wait for the next one

Congratulations to Mike Rowan for winning our first ever Sunset Shootout.  A big thanks to all of our sponsor bait makers and to everyone who participated.  Nice work, John Pensyl!  Let's make the next event on a Saturday if possible.  I want in.  Sounds like a great time. 

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