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Thank you, Jay!

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My brother and I trolled a quick shift tonight from 6:15 to 9:15.  During our short troll we packed in a ton of excitement.

With his favorite custom colored sucker Believer back 55-feet, we were going over a hump when Bruce pulled out a thermos of hot chocolate.  Using way too many packets, this delicious, hot treat was almost thick enough to mistake for motor oil.

As I swung our lures behind a wreck, Bruce jumped out of his seat while his Believer snaked through the water collum, "check this out", he said, producing a Ziploc bag of O&H almond kringle from Trader Joe's.  Have you had one of these?  Forget Chris, they are the best kringle ever.

About an hour later with his Believer still pumpin' and my Perchbait still thumpin', Bruce thought we should get to plumpin' as he produced dinner from his snack tackle box.  We had quarter of a Jonny C's Park Avenue sub each, which is a fancy name for a turkey club.  Spectacular.  For our second course we had white pizza with hot peppers and sausage.

As his lure fluttered over a hump on a quick turn, my brother gave his rod a quick jerk and put it back in the holder. "Oh", he said reaching into his snack box for our second dessert, a Cadbury Caramello.

This concluded all of our action for the evening.  I did have a nice rip, but the fish was off in seconds.  Who cares.  We had a magnificent feast on the river tonight.  I don't want musky season to end, but fishing with Bruce is dangerous for my health.

Back out early with Jojo tomorrow.

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That's just like going out with FAS; half of Tops and half of Wegman's in the snack bag. ut food tastes 100 times better on the H2O

I thought at the end when I was reading about a rip, it was going to be about ripping open a package of something else.

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