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Thank you, Jay!

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Time travel is possible.  Today Bruce, Mark Reichert and I proved it.  We seemingly went back in time spending the afternoon on the shores of the lake where we learned to fish as kids. On the lake we've fished together hundreds of times. The lake responsible for all three of our personal best northern pike and largemouth, and literally thousands and thousands of both species. It was a magnificent afternoon.

Faun Lake is a private, swipe card access only lake in Wyoming County. It's not huge. It's more of a glorified pond at 44-acres. Don't judge her by her size, though.  This little gem produces massive pike and gargantuan largemouth bass. The primary forage is bluegills, so spinnerbaits, top waters and shallow cranks excel. Faun Lake is power fishing paradise.

Bruce, Mark and I spent a good portion of every spring, summer and fall at Faun when we were young.  The first time I fished Faun I was probably ten, and although it was ten years after that, Bruce started fishing there at the same age. We all know every inch of her.

The shear size of the fish we were catching thirty years ago prompted me to buy my first musky combo. I honestly thought I would catch the state record largie there so I started throwing musky lures.

Mark recently purchased a site on Faun, and amazingly enough it's the same site his family owned so many years ago. Today he invited Bruce and me to his new, old place. As Bruce and I pulled in, and while simultaneously stating he knew it was cheesy, Mark played "The boys are back in town" by Thin Lizzy over his Bluetooth speaker. It was cheesy, but it was also perfect.

We have so many shared memories of this little lake we haven't fished together in probably twenty-five years.  These memories rushed over me as we walked around the lake fishing like little kids.  Albeit little kids with really expensive bass rods who know how to cast for distance and into really tight spaces.  Remembering the huge fish we and our friends caught.  Remembering the stupid sh!t we pulled because we were young and dumb.  And all of the wonderful time we spent together there.

We didn't light the fish up by any stretch.  It was a cold, wet day with very little wind.  Faun did show glimpses of her old self everytime the wind picked up or shifted.  There were stretches where you couldn't keep the fish off, but they were far between.  Both Bruce and I lost 20-plus-inch largemouths though. Mine on a Ned and Bruce's on a Super Spook, because Bruce always throws a Super Spook at Faun.

I tried the finesse game (because I'm an idiot) and easily caught the fewest fish.  Mark and Bruce power fished the whole time, crushing me.  It didn't matter.  I was as content fishing as I've ever been, walking around and fishing here and there in one of the truly important, shared places of our younger selves. Like I wrote earlier,  magnificent.  By the look on Bruce "The Ham's" face, I know he felt the same way.  Time travel is possible.

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Soooo happy to see The Pseudo Stooges in action!
We need a pic of the three of you pseudo slapping each other , well why didn’t you say so…. Jojosmilin

Extending your arm and a good story might get you closer!!

Also, You could use the new Bass Pro camera (available exclusively at that works like your passenger side rear view mirror. There is an extra charge for the AI program that customizes the markings on your bass to help minimize suspicion.

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