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Thank you, Jay!

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Looking through some forgotten pics a couple months back I realized at one point this summer I had caught the same 4 footer twice.  Well I was just looking through some other forgotten pics and holy hell I caught her 3 times!  Here is the kicker.  I caught her 3 times in a 6 week span.  On the late july new moon, the end of August new moon and the mid September full moon.  All 3 times she ate after dark and all 3 times she ate the exact same 10/12 combo bucktail.  This fish came from a massive area of the st. Lawrence with miles of weedbeds with countless ambush points and all 3 times she chose the same spot.  Shes far from the alpha in that area but she definitely has a favorite feeding spot on the moons.

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She likes you, John! The only sad thing is she was probably in her favorite ambush point on the October new and full moons hoping to see you again. "Where's John? I hope he's okay. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore?" Musky brains are pretty small. I'm sure she'll get over you.
Joking aside, this is a prime example of if you're nice to the ladies, they'll be nice to you.
I guarantee you the 48" Carrie caught in 2017 off an underwater mountain in Lake Nipissing immediately after a steady, heavy rain, is the same 49" she caught under the exact same conditions in the exact same spot in 2018.
Muskies are hard enough to catch without us thinning the herd. Release them quickly and gently and we all up our odds.

That is very cool John. Maybe she will say hello to you next year. I wonder if she knows the sound of your boat. Maybe she'll want you to do a (Bill) Dance with her. Definitely a great testament to C&R.

Do you participate in Dr John Farrell's diary study. I think he would be interested to hear about it.

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