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Thank you, Jay!

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Me and Mike Janko planned on going to sturgeon point today for perch....watched the weather and listened to the marine forcast/weather said wind 6knots waves max 1foot....the forecast looked great until we got down there, wind was 12+knots and the waves we well over 1 1/2+ feet so we took the long drive back home and wasted $25 in minnows and fatheads...oh yea i was sea sick just thinking about being out there!

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here's the site I go to.  click on #45142 & click on the triangle on the left (if you've never used this site).

if you've used the site, then disregard the above.

I look for the trends, though.  It can be calm out but if the wind speed trend looks like it's climbing, I don't go out. It'll eventually get too rough.  If it's windy but the trend shows a downward slope, I'll go out & stick it out because it'll eventually calm down.  As far as the fatheads, you might as well throw them out.  never had any luck with them.  Emeralds are the best & I net mine at the ft of Ferry, then salt & freeze for when they're hard to get.  good luck with the perch.  They don't get any better tasting than that.

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