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Thank you, Jay!

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Guys attached is a few links to the Davis Instruments website, so we can all get eyes on the product i've been mentioning. This is slight upgrade from the EnvironMonitor Cellular bundle, as i believe buying separate allows us to get Barometric pressure data as well.

Weather Station

Solar Data

Here's a link about how data is viewed. Apparently it can be uploaded to a 3rd party as well, such as WeatherUnderground 

Weather Link

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions, and we can always request more information from Davis Instruments.

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Here's a cheaper option that's about 1/3 the cost, but we'd be on our own for finding a SIM card to transmit the data. Seems like its considerably less rugged than the Davis Instruments. A site I came across even referred Davis as "the ones to beat" when it came to weather systems.


Sean...thanks much. From what you said in the meeting, my interest was peaked. I'll take a good look thru the links in a couple of days but, just like fishing & boating equipment, I stick with:

"Buy good and buy once."

Thanks again

Great work brother
I’m all in. Luv the idea!
Thanks for support JoJo. John I’m glad you’re interested, I’m sure your support will help immensely if we need any permission from the town.
Goodday brothers
I actually know a supervisor in ToT highway dept.
I will reach out and run it past him to see where we stand? He is a boater so my guess is will
An easy push?
Will it need electric or is it solar?
It’s all solar. I was hoping maybe one of the light poles at the launch. If it’s a wooden pole we should be able to screw directly on.

From Jojo after some deciphering:

I talked to my friend, a supervisor in the Town of Tonawanda Highway Dept.  As a boater, he is on board with our weather station proposal for foot of Sheridan ramp.

He said he will try to influence the powers that be to approve the station, but ultimately it is not his decision.

I told him we might need access to power and that the station's information would be made available to the public.

Sean, if I remember correctly the solar option is the double the price?  Also I believe we discussed a webcam.  Would you be able to put together a short proposal to pass along to my friend listing the units capabilities, requirements and how the public would be able access the station's information?  Thanks.

Sean...with other sign projects that I've seen done, can you also please attach a sketch (hand drawn is OK) of how it will be fastened to the pole, height above ground, etc? I'm sure the liability issue will also be discussed, as it usually is, so as to preclude anyone getting injured.

2. Maintenance is always an issue with every project I've reviewed. That doesn't mean we would have to fix it ourselves; just know who to contact with appropriate contact numbers.

3. If you can't figure out what Jojo means when he writes, it would help to get a Schmozetta Stone to decipher.

I actually called and spoke to JoJo earlier this week, so no translation needed.
Due to lack of Wifi, all options I’ve seen are solar powered and cellular connected. No need for permission on wires.
All we need access to is any light pole by waters edge- I feel like there’s one on the raised walkway above the launch, but I could be misremembering.
I say put the weather station on top, bolted to wooden/metal pole. Solar, battery, and cellular gateway are mounted a few feet below- to deter theft.
Some prelimary searching I found cellular, solar-powered cameras that could provide a webcam at the same attachment point. They would require their own cell SIM card and data plan- and we’d have to find one that updates a series of pictures at set intervals- not motion activated live video as that would be a massive amount of data. I saw options in the $250-$300 range, but I couldn’t dig deep enough to see if picture at a set interval was possible- most were motion activated trail cams, or security cams. I welcome anybody else’s research into the webcam.
If any individual could scout the launch, photograph any promising pole, I’ll happily photoshop/doodle the rig atop it for approval.

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