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Thank you, Jay!

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Now that musky season has ended I'd be willing to bet a few of you will move on to a new outdoor activity. Whats it going to be? I'll wait until I cant take it any longer and then hit the lake erie tribs for winter steelhead. Ooh the solitude and ice shelves... I love it! I'll probably hit it 3-4 this winter for 2-3hrs a pop.

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3-4 times that is
I started killing geese last week. After Christmas I'll chase ducks for a couple weeks and then it's off to the lower and the lake o tribs to chase steel til spring. I'm still kind of in musky mode tho, today I finally cleared the gear out of the boat and molded 100 2 oz jig heads for next year.
John, you can make me 60 of those heavy duty leaders with swivel on one end split ring on the other end! Let me know when they are done and I will give you the cash!
I have one trout trip with the boat tomorrow under the Peace Bridge to International Railroad Bridge, then I shrink wrap the boat! I will also get my float rod out and hit the streams until I get on the plane for Guyana in mid January.I'm in total withdrawal already!
Funny, I was just thinking I should list some stuff online to cut back.
I just put a bunch of lures I never use on musky flea market. If it's not rubber, blades, Cullen's baits, perchies, bakers or wileys I just don't really fish it so it's got to go. Clean house to make room for new toys.
Larry, I'll txt you in the am to get the specifics for what you need. I have miles of supplies so I can knock them out in no time.

No Believers, Jakes, Grandmas, Depth Raiders, Brett's or Toothys!!??  BLASPHEMER!!! HERETIC!!! APOSTATE!!!!  ;)

Truthfully, I have a bunch of lures to move and a bunch more that need a nice Mr. Toothy paint job.

Maybe we need a swap meet in March...

My winter outdoor obsession revolves around not being outdoors.

Time to start walking around red zone woodlots trying to get some big buck pictures and pick up a few shed deer antlers before the ice fishing season gets underway, then...

What are you selling John? Where can I see them? Anything good?

My Exrtra Winter Avtivity is Lure Collecting!! So everybody let me know what you have!!


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