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Thank you, Jay!

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The making of the MEGA CRAW!!! Growing up my go-to bait was ALWAYS a Rebel Crawdad. I've caught more fish on a Rebel Craw than any other bait in my life. Tod...

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Comment by Scott McKee on January 25, 2019 at 9:34pm

Mike, your homage to your favorite lure growing up has me thinking. (Srop laughing, I do think from time to time.)  My Rebel Craw was the Mann's 1 Minus. I guarantee you I've caught more fish on the 1 and Baby 1 minus than all other baits combined, if I exclude spinnerbaits. I love the Mann's (keep it clean)!  Would you be interested in making me  a musky sized, functional (because I would fish the hell out it) Mann's 1 Minus?

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Comment by Scott McKee on January 25, 2019 at 9:38pm

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Comment by Scott McKee on January 25, 2019 at 9:48pm

My Mann's 1 Minus was my Excaliber.  I and the Mann's were one.  I was fishing with my brother Bruce on Silver one summer for bass and pike.  We rented a boat (bathtub, really) at Mack's on the south end.  After putzing out to the shallow weed flat on a brutally sunny day, we started chucking baits around. I was throwing my beloved Mann's.  A few casts in I released a really solid, chunky largemouth. After a few more casts my Fireline buried itself on a retrieve and when I cast, the line broke and the lure went flying untethered.  I immediately went into panic mode. We searched for awhile, but we couldn't find her.  I was heartbroken.  Then the wind picked up. We fished until the boat had to be back at the marina and believe it or not, there, in exactly the spot I had to park the rental in, was my best little buddy floating for me.  My Mann's 1 Minus had returned. I was elated.  True story.


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