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Sean Landsman Video - Muskie Fishing at Lake of the Woods, Ontario - July 2012

Music: Glitch Mob - Palace of the Innocents

For the past 11 years I've been asked, and wondered myself, "What's with the fascination you have with muskies?" My answer usually has something to do with their behavior and status as apex predators. From an angler's standpoint, they represent one of the most difficult species to pursue in North America's freshwater rivers, streams, and lakes. They're also, relative to many other species, rare making a successful capture even more rewarding.

This video was taken at Lake of the Woods, Ontario and basically captures the essence of muskie fishing: relentless casting (they're known as the "Fish of 10,000 Casts"), strange behavior (following and striking at the boat), short but fierce battles, their intimidating beauty, and the release (it's estimated that over 99% of muskies are voluntarily released by those targeting them).


Sean Landsman


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