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Thank you, Jay!

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I've been hearing nightmare stories of Canadian officials hammering NY fishermen locally. One Guy was walleye trolling and was fined $500 for having his worms in dirt plus $200for another bS infraction, another was heavily fined for littering after he could not produce a cap from his empty water bottle. These were fishermen who called in and had proper licenses. Have any of our Trollers been shaken down yet?

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I had my license checked, but no problems.

U.S. Border Patrol stopped us for a few minutes last night as we came back into the U.S. side of the river.  No big deal, nice guy.  No fish to report.

I do not get stopped usually because the regulars know my boat and weekenders see the U.S. Coast Guard Inspection & NY State Vessel Operator Stickers on the boat.Most of them just wave to me and I wave back.If you get stopped it usually depends on how you talk to them and that you give them total respect and they will be usually nice in return!

Jim...Funny you mention that.  In yesterday's Fishing Line by Will Elliott, he mentioned that "Ontario enforcement officials have increased patrol presence on the Great Lakes, in particular along the Upper Niagara River & open waters of lake Erie."

Then he went on to say that boats, and not only fishermen, have been stopped along border areas for safety inspections, presence of alcohol, absence of a Can-Pass report & others.
  In particular, he goes on to mention the worms in the dirt issue and other bait fish.  Bedding is OK, but not dirt.

the Canadian officials are also not issuing warnings for 1st time violators with uncertified bait.  You get hit with a violation right away.

His article is in Wednesday's Buff news.

I heard from a very reliable source that a flare gun is a "firearm" in Ontario and you can be fined 2500 for having one aboard your vessel.  Can anyone confirm that this is true? I do have a flare gun that I will be removing if it is so.

Mark,You can have the flare gun as long as you do not anchor or touch shore in Canada.

This is from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website (

"Q. I always carry a flare gun in my boat/vehicle for emergencies. Do I need a licence and does it have to be registered?

Flare guns and other devices designed exclusively for signalling or notifying of distress, and intended to be used exclusively for that purpose by the person in possession of it, are not classified as firearms for purposes of the Firearms Act. A licence is not required to possess one, and it does not have to be registered. These devices are classified as firearms for purposes of the Criminal Code if they are used to commit a crime.

(Note: A few flare guns have been designed using the frame or receiver of a real handgun, and may require registration as such. The Canadian Firearms Program should be contacted for more information.)"

Of course, it doesn't hurt to double check with the RCMP (phone call?).

Also when you call to get control number to be in Canadian waters if your gps location is on,on your cell phone,they know right where you are.So if you call before you get to Canadian waters they may be more likely to check you when they come accross you in Canadian waters.With your gps location turned on they can keep track of where you are at all times,so if you say your fishing by Strawberry Island and your down river by the Shipyards when you call in,you are setting yourself up to be checked.
One thing they have not been enforcing is the use of your Marine VHF Radio in Canadian waters.You are suppose to have a Marine VHF Radio Station License to use your radio in Canadian waters if your vessel is registered from the U.S.A.,except in an emergency.There have been tickets added for this when other infractions are written in Canadian waters of the St.Lawerance River last year.
Always ask every person that your going to take into Canadian waters in your boat if they have ever had a DWI.If they have they may not want to take that trip into Canadian waters,when they run everyone's name that is in your vessel for entry control number they will usually have this info in front of them.They will either deny entry and you will have to turn around or they will let you in and in a little while the Canadian Coast Guard will pull up and take the person from your boat and deport them back at the Peace Bridge.Then the person will not be allowed back into Canada until they get reabiltation certificate from the queen.Then for sometime when you call in for control number they have you tagged and you will spend much longer on the phone and will usually get checked on the water more often as well. that a "DWI" in Canada (only) or also a DWI in the U.S., too?  I never had one but I'm just curious in case I'm taking someone else with me who might have had one in the U.S., but from what I can see happening, it's getting close to not worth the hassle of even going over anymore.

John,Canada a DWI is a Felony,so any U.S. DWI is considered as a Felony in Canada as well.So anyone who has a DWI from the U.S.A. would have to apply for reabiltation certificate that costs $300 and requires finger print checks and lots of paperwork. I had a DWI in Texas back in 1972,after getting all supporting court documents,Texas finger print report, FBI report etc.. it cost me close to $3000 u.s. dollars.I was fined $15 in 1972 for the DWI!

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