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Thank you, Jay!

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I've been hearing nightmare stories of Canadian officials hammering NY fishermen locally. One Guy was walleye trolling and was fined $500 for having his worms in dirt plus $200for another bS infraction, another was heavily fined for littering after he could not produce a cap from his empty water bottle. These were fishermen who called in and had proper licenses. Have any of our Trollers been shaken down yet?

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Is that also for a DWI arrest if you haven't gone to court yet or if somehow, you were able to avoid conviction? What about other traffic violations or other types of violations?

Steve,It would be for any conviction of a crime that is considered a Felony in Canada in Law!

I bet they would still sell you a fishing license and outdoor card. The only way you might be able to use it is by casting into Canadian waters.

I am curious weather there is the same kind of scrutiny by US Authorities against Canadian visitors. And if they have to go through similar steps to be allowed again.

I heard a story about when the Rolling Stones got busted for drugs in Canada. They ended up spending a lot of money to keep out of jail and had to do a concert for free and Canada got all the proceeds. And after that they were allowed to tour in Canada again.

I'm trying to determine if the Canadian officers are out to harass and fine all NY fishermen , or were the guys they went after smart asses who were uncooperative.

 I think an infraction could be found in any boat if you look hard enough. We have never had this kind of thing around here, although they had it up on the St Lawrence 2 years ago.

Bottle caps and worm bedding are obviously ticky tack violations written by someone with an axe to grind. 


I have been stopped by the Canadian OPP Boat twice last year and once this year and each time they treated me with total respect, but again I'm yes sir,no sir in the encounter as well!

Larry...I know you better than that.  It's "Yes, Sir", "No, Sir", and "No excuse, Sir."..."and don't call me sir, I work for a living"!

Great info.  Thanks for the thread, guys.

Hey Jim,

We were stopped yesterday in Canadian waters.  The two officers were extremely nice.  They told us that they were patrolling the river mainly looking for live minnows.  They checked our licenses while telling us some good stories and then were on their way.  I have a feeling (from how they were talking) that they will be out a lot checking boats in the days to come.


A few years back a friend of mine was ticketed for not having a manual bailing device on board.  We were in a brand new boat with a working bilge.  The officers said they would have accepted either a coffee cup or a pee bottle but we had nothing so...

See you need to wear a hat!

Jim please call Frank S 531-2830

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