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Thank you, Jay!

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My wife & I are planning on heading up to Clayton, NY in a couple of weeks for about three days or so.

Does anyone know of any or could recommend any fly-fishing charters in that area that I could charter for muskies?


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How many weeks is a couple. I will charter you on the rivers near school. It's just a bit farther than Clayton but way more fly friendly.
And by charter I mean you buy the beer haha. I will be back the 22nd of August and where I fish is 1:10 from Clayton

Riley...thanks for the offer.  Do you drink "Old Milwaukee"? I saw a case of Light on line for $11.49 for a case of 30 (ha!).  Actually, I'm a craft beer drinker myself preferring reds, ambers, porters and ales.  Stouts are good too.

Anyway, back to business.  We were originally planning on being there the week of the 28th, which would be OK when you're there but now it looks like she wants to go next week (21st) which would put us crossing paths but not meeting up.  If the dates are good, I'll let you know for sure.  It sounds like a good offer.

If we plan on something later in the year, I'd like to take you up on that offer.  keep in touch.

Thanks, man..

I'm in college still so I am open to all free beer offers. I'm not a craft beer guy but there is a small handful of beers I really like.
Just so you know I was referring to August not July. I wouldn't mind being up there now though. A lot easier fishing it seems.

Riley...oops, didn't catch that August date.  Sorry 'bout that.  We'll be there in July for sure.  August could be in the plans & I'll keep you in mind.  Last week I talked with Mike Small, a musky fisherman from what looks like the Long Lake area.  I see a trip starting to form.  Thanks 

I fished with him last year. Great guy. His sister lives in springville and he is down this way once in a while so I'm sure you guys could put something together in your boat if you offer.

Riley...Mike called me last week & we had a good chat, mostly he chatted & I listened!  What a wealth of info.  I saw a few articles about him in some of the local ADK newspapers.  He has quite the reputation for catching muskies (out of his 'yak!).

Small world with him.  Mike's cousin works at Moog and I know him very well.  Worked a few projects together.  He'd always bring me turkey feathers for my fly tying & we'd always chat fishing & hunting when we would run into each other.  It beat the he77 out of work!!

I got a bunch of tips & suggestions from Mike that I've already incorporated in my setup.  Dan Scheda & I are doing the Cass again tomorrow.  Every week I feel like I get a little more finely tuned.  Bottom line, muskies yet.

Hey, if you're free Wed, come on down to Cassadaga with your boat & we can fish two boats & talk to each other on the areas we're fishing.  I'll be taking mine. We get some new haunts everytime we go out & can show you where they are.

John, I thought you and Mike would hit it of good. Mike is a hell of a nice guy and very passionate about fly fishing for muskies.

Good luck at the Cass!!

Justin has been killing cas lately. This is really stubborn of me but I've got my heart set on a river fish. It's a lot like the Everest of musky on the fly to me. I unfortunately only have time in the evenings and the river is also extremely convenient. The rain lately is annoying though. Best of luck though. Do you know if moog does winter internships? Haha

Riley...I know what you mean about getting a river fish.  My heart is really there, too, but what I'm doing now is "honing the knife."  Gotta be patient.  The Cass is nice because, weather-wise & lake-wise, it's consistent.  Even with tomorrow's predicted winds, it'll still be good. Once I get one from there, it's on to the river (or maybe sooner)!

I'll PM you on an internship or a co-op.  they do have them year round.

Steve...I owe mike some pics of my ties.  I even tied some muskie flies as tube flies. he's not that familiar with tubes so I'll give you one of them for him at our next meeting.  I have no idea how they'll work but it'll be in the next report.

I've tied & used tube flies on steelies before but never even saw one tied for muskies.  It should and could be very interesting.

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