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Thank you, Jay!

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Does this mean we can take our boats into Canadaian waters & fish as long as we don't anchor, land or meet up with another boat?

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It is a good day
Canada is open to nonessential travel
Hip hip hurray
Jojocrosseddaline last night

Tony, That is the way I interpreted the news release at the top of this thread but there was a lot of room for different interpretations. I guess it could still be interpreted differently by members of other Canadian agencies that patrol the water so I guess that is a wise suggestion to carry a copy of that page and vaccine card for those who have it.

I wonder how close two US fishing boats can get to each other (for witnessing and photographing catch) before they consider it "making contact". Probably can't hand a camera across. They didn't make any distinction about whether two US boats can make contact in Canadian waters so it looks like it may be best not to.

I definitely wouldn't do it. 

I crossed over into Canadian water and fished for an hour just after midnight on the 9th. I carried a printout of the newly written rules for fishing with me, along with my newly printed non-resident license and my Covid vaccination card. I didn't see any patrol boats so still don't know if I was legal, but will be continuing to cross over until I hear different. Unfortunately the floating weeds were brutal, especially for trolling. No action. As far as contact with another U.S.members boat for a quick picture or verification for Top 10 entry I won't hesitate. However I won't interact with a Canadian vessel, although that could be difficult if the blinking blue lights come toward Just hoping for common sense.

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Was stopped on the St. Lawrence Wednesday by OMNR. We are good to go.

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