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Thank you, Jay!

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After our excellent meeting last night, my brother and I went fishing from 10:30pm to 2:00am.  Guess what we caught?  (Go with the obvious answer.)  Nothing!  We caught nothing!  We almost always catch nothing!  Bruce did have a nice nap while we were out and being the greatest brother in the universe, he brought me turkey meatloaf and smashed spuds for dinner.  You can't beat that with a stick.

Many thanks to all in attendance at our November meeting, especially our special guests, Ann, Maryanne and Connie.  A HUGE thanks to our speakers Scott Kitchen and John Jarosz.  Well done, gentlemen.

Bruce and I are back at it tomorrow.   We need to break our cold streak.  If you have any suggestions we are all ears.  Well... we're more guts than ears, but we'll certainly entertain any tips.

Sleepy time.  Good night.


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I forgot to mention this.  Be careful with chemical hand warmers.  I didn't realize I was burning myself last night.  The warmer must have snuck out of the wrist compartment in my glove.


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