Keep in mind that I am always looking for images for our newsletter; fish, sunsets, sunrises, other anglers fishing, equipment, anything fishing related. I can use them all.  Large, unedited images are best. Thanks.

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Thank you, Jay!

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I've attached a video of the tagging demo from Tuesday night's meeting. I used my phone, so it's shaky in spots (especially at the beginning), but otherwise ok. So if you're participating in the tagging study and you weren't  at the meeting, make sure you review this video. Also, good review even if you were at the meeting.

Video is here:


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Is it too late to participate?  Where would I get the tags from?   I did the previous study with the clamp tags. 


You can get the equipment from me. I believe you'll be fishing the harbor Saturday? I'll be there in the morning and can drop some tags and tagging equipment to you if we cross paths. 

We are not tagging Buffalo harbor muskies, only upper Niagara River.


Josh...also make sure you watch the video. It's one of the requirements of the permit

I will watch the video for sure.  

Watched.  Thank you.  Where do we report the tags?


If you mean the fish you tag, report that on the Tagging Record Report Sheet.

If you mean re-caught fish, simply report it on the online NMA catch and release report online.

We're working on a report that everyone can use on the boat before transferring online.


We could probably create a phone app that all agencies for all fishing tagging studies in the future could use.  One that records certain fields, photographs,and communicates and translates it into an excel spreadsheet.

I like this App idea. Josh, do you know anyone who could create something for us?


Where do I find the tagging record report sheet?

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