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Thank you, Jay!

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Thought I'd start a thread for newer members or musky anglers such as Joe. A place to start and answer the questions new anglers may have. 

Joe, in regards to what lures work best you may want to check our annual Catch and Release reports. They are under the Release Reports Tab at the top of the page. There are many ways to catch a muskie here (and anywhere), but the lures listed in our annual release reports are the ones which our members have found to be most productive for the Niagara. The reports go back 25 years. 

It is always easier to learn how to approach the Niagara by fishing at least once with an experienced angler. You should at least be able to learn the basics. Eventually you'll decide what type of fishing you enjoy most (casting, jigging, or trolling) and what works best for you. Don't expect to start catching big muskies, or any muskies, right away. There is a learning curve and catching muskies on the Niagara isn't any easier here than the Cassadaga. So if you go out with someone don't be too disappointed if you don't catch a muskie first time out. You'll learn more every time out which will eventually improve your ability to catch. But be aware, muskie fishing will humble the most experienced of us. The key to successful musky fishing is, and always has been, time on the water.

I'm not sure when I will be going out next, but I'll let you know if I need a partner. On he Niagara, you may want to have both a NY and Canadian license, as half the river, and some of its best fishing, is on the Ontario side.

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The club sells steel casting leaders for $1 a piece.
If they are for sale at the July 9th meeting ill pick a few up. Im also going to give titanium leaders a try
Steel effects action less than heavy fluoro and that's fact. Gliders run far better on steel for example. Fluoro is mainstream and it's where the industry makes the best buck. You've got some of the best in the game coming from roots established here in the NMA and I can tell you they/we all had our stints with fluoro but are all casting with single strand steel today.
Titanium snaps unpredictably. Steel will kink and show signs of weakness allowing you to change leaders when visual signs say its time. Titanium bends back and forth and always holds shape. Shows no signs of weakness and then snap it's broken. Not a fan and for good reason. Another industry "make top dollar for an inferior product" leader.
Joe, many use flouro and some titanium. I feel they risk killing fish due to bite offs using flouro and I see more cons then pros when it comes to the titanium. I bought a pricey spool of titanium, tried it, hated it and never went back. Single strand wire is the way to go. And trust me, if the fish can see that steel leader, they dont give a dam about it.
What should I look for in a good musky net?
1. Coated mesh.
2. HUGE, sturdy hoop.
3. Massive bag.
4. Easily locking handle

I use the Beckman Fin Saver Plus as do most of our members. I don't believe Beckman makes musky nets any longer. Frabill makes a bunch of great nets. Any Frabill owners out there, feel free to chime in.
Beckman is back and I think they may even make a bigger net now. 32x44. Beckman hoop is solid and bag is nice and light for solo netting. Bag holes are smaller compared to a frabil or the drifter nets and can be a bit of a nightmare with trebles compared to the coated frabils or drifter bags and after a couple years of heavy use the fish will begin to bite through it and you'll be covering it with zip ties but itll still work fine. Cant beat the clubs price on Beckmans if we still have any left. Once the bag dies or you start fishing places with bigger fish you'll want to go up to a big kahuna bag or the drifter xxl bag but the hoop is still a great hoop.
If the club still has any, I'd gladly buy one. If theres none available I'll likely get a Ranger net. Looked up the FraBill nets and a lot of reviews (looked at about 50 on 4 sites) are all saying the quality of the nets hasn't been the same the last 2 years. Im guessing you vets have had yours for a while so you have the good ones. It sucks when a company makes a shift and it impacts the quality of a product. I've noticed this trend happen with certain baits over my time fishing.
Looking for someone to show me the ropes of the Niagara river and musky fishing on it. Id bring gas money and plenty of food


I try to get out 1 or 2 mornings a week. Weekdays only. If you'd like to join me for a morning let me know. No need for gas or food. I should be able to get you started. Generally tubing or casting. Not going out again til next week. 

If you're interested in a guide, Larry Jones has been guiding for at least 25 years. He's a member of the NMA but I'm not sure if he still guides on the Niagara. I think he mostly trolls.


Joe Klaczyk said:

Looking for someone to show me the ropes of the Niagara river and musky fishing on it. Id bring gas money and plenty of food
Id like to join you next week. Like really like to haha. I appreciate it

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